The Power of Reusable Products!

Rebecca Lim, Staff Writer

     This past year, concerns have been growing about the state of our environment and global warming. Young people have been calling out legislators and public figures for their inaction on this issue and have been taking matters into their own hands to address this issue. 

     For example, the Science National Honor Society and the Girl Power club of PPCHS started their own initiative to promote water bottle refilling stations by selling reusable PPCHS water bottles. This initiative will help reduce the amount of plastic used by students and eventually, the amount of plastic that will end up in landfills and on beaches. Buying and using reusable metal bottles has many benefits, “By using a reusable water bottle, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually,” (Sundried Blog). The honor society and club are also selling reusable metal straws that are collapsible. 

     This sale will garner support for the implementation of water bottle refilling stations. Freshman Natalia Montgomery expresses, “I think this initiative is a good idea. It would also be a good investment for the school.” The refilling stations would make getting water easier for  students who already use reusable water bottles. 

     The water bottles cost $15 and the metal straws cost $6. However, you can get both for the price of $20. SNHS and Girl Power are selling these items at both A and B lunches until February 28th. Support this amazing initiative and help the environment!