Masks Off for the New School Year


Yarah Almoshaikah

With her mask half-on, half-off, Rebecca Lim wavers between wearing the controversial cloth. Since the start of the 2022-2023 school year, this has been on the mind of many Jags on campus.

Olivia Ramos, Staff Writer

   With summer vacation ending and the new school year beginning, many Pines Charter students have the same thought: “Should I wear my mask this year?” While Covid is still looming over many people’s heads, and flu season is just around the corner, people continue to remain cautious about the ongoing pandemic. With much respect to everyone who decides whether they want to wear a mask or not, I believe that students should be able to decide for themselves.

   As Covid cases decreased drastically from its peak of nearly 85,000 cases per day to now 6,400, and as 87% of Broward County’s population has been vaccinated, people should have the right to decide whether or not they want to take the precautions of wearing a mask in school. People shouldn’t feel belittled for something they’re allowed to do. If they are taking the proper precautions and steps to feel safe enough, they shouldn’t have to worry about others’ opinions.

   Since the beginning of this school year, there have been people asking students about their decisions on wearing or not wearing masks. In one case, seniors texted and commented under another senior’s post, questioning her decision on leaving the mask behind and continuing the school year maskless. This student expressed that the harassment she has been receiving has caused her more stress, all because of a personal choice she made. 

   All of last year I wore a mask, getting vaccinated the July before junior year, and still fearing the threats of the virus. Due to this, I took my own precautions and procedures by wearing a mask, stepping out of my comfort zone. I had the choice of potentially taking it off, but I decided against it. That being said, it was my choice, not anyone else’s. Though it took a lot of convincing from myself when I decided this year to leave the mask at home and not wear it to school, that was also my decision. I don’t get upset at others for still wearing their masks, and neither should anyone else. Having the right to make a decision is something that everyone is allowed to do, so instead of insulting and harassing people, let us mind our business.