A Charter Tradition and An Honor for PPCHS Seniors

Valerie Questell, News Editor

   After last year’s virtual ceremony, the 2022 senior awards ceremony was a success. Dedicated and passionate seniors crossed the stage while their families and peers watched them; it was an intimate and sincere moment for everyone in the room. Guest speakers such as Mayor Frank Ortis and Vice Mayor Schwartz gave speeches that were unforgettable and benevolent to the class of 2022. 

   President of the Class of 2022, Stella Dioguardi, commenced the ceremony by repeating the Pledge of Allegiance and introducing the guests. Many proud parents and siblings walked through the door as their “not so little kids” stood at their seats. A courageous yet confident president, Stella Dioguardi reminisces on the ceremony. “Being host of the Class of 2022 Senior Award Ceremony was an amazing experience,” Stella says. “In all honesty, I was extremely nervous to talk in front of my classmates, administrators, and their parents but I felt this was a once in a lifetime experience that I couldn’t say no to.”: Stella proceeds to represent Charter with excellence and makes her mark on not only the event but also Pines Charter.

   Notabilities such as the Kevin Garcia award attracted many tears and sentiment throughout the crowd. Mr. Garcia—the founder of the Kevin Garcia Foundation—honors this award with love and dedication, and with a tear-jerking origin story. The process of selecting the recipient involves Mr. Garcia and his family uniting and going through all of the applications with care. Mr. Garcia explains, “the Kevin Garcia Award means a lot to my family and I…After careful selection and consideration, we picked Stella Dioguardi and Nic Roman to be the recipients of this award. Their stories emotionally moved my family and met the qualifications of the criteria.” After many years, Mr. Garcia continues this honorable tradition and continues to honor his late brother, Kevin Garcia. 

   Other awards such as the Jaguar Pride and Perseverance remain Jaguar traditions. These awards go to dedicated seniors who share leadership and excellent characteristics that distinguish them from the rest of their student body. These students were recognized with an Apple Macbook and a sense of accomplishment that will remain with them forever. Also, the top 5, 10, and 20 percent of 2022 were awarded medallions. Seniors who were awarded medals are now permitted to wear them with their graduation gowns on graduation day.

   Fortunately, the 2022 senior award ceremony has commenced and has made its comeback in person. For the first time in two years, the auditorium was filled with families and peers, and the stage was beautifully decorated, awaiting the scholars to come across it. The hard work and dedication that Charter students display is incomparable to any school in the nation. The Charter jaguars will endeavor the college experience, holding their accomplishments and accolades closely to their heart.