The CHAT Seniors Signing Off


Collage by: Hailey Tesser

Marko Barrera and Sophia Lopez

   As next year’s editors get accustomed to their upcoming positions, the current seniors apart of the Newspaper content class are inching closer and closer to the end of their careers with the CHAT. For the annual Senior issue, we take a look into these Newspaper veterans’ time covering events around Pines Charter.


Camila Escobar

   It did not take much time for Camila to find a passion in writing. Joining the CHAT staff just last year, she made her impact quickly, proving herself to be a consistently great writer in her stories. Camila found the most enjoyment writing in the Arts and Entertainment section, which was the main reason why she did not hesitate to take up the editor position for that section during this school year.

   The class was just the experience Camila wanted and needed, to the point where she knew she did not want to give it up. That being said, she decided to major in journalism as she heads to Orlando to attend the University of Central Florida. “I enjoy finding out everyone’s story,” she said, “Journalism is a career where you can give a voice to those who don’t have one.” 

   Even though she was in the class for only two years, she was still able to find another family with the other great writers amongst her. She looks forward to doing the same thing in the next four years at UCF.


Savannah Searcy

   Similar to Camila, Savannah wrote for the staff for two years, yet she still made a strong impact on the class, especially through her writing and media expansion.

  Her journey with the CHAT actually began as an accident. Savannah initially meant to join the Yearbook class. Due to that class having too many seniors, she did not mind the alternative of writing for the CHAT. Moreover, Morgan Lind, this year’s Managing Editor, was able to talk Savannah into joining the CHAT. “Even though it wasn’t my first choice,” she said ,”it’ll be something new for me and I’ll have friends in it.” She ended up not regretting her choice after two consecutive years. 

   Not only did she show stellar work in her stories, Savannah also excelled in advertising the CHAT and obtaining more readers through her success on social media. As one of the Social Media editors this year, Savannah created numerous artistic flyers that showcased each issue and persuaded many to read our stories. 

   As she starts a new journey at Howard University, Savannah looks to take on the science world as she majors in Biology.


Kimani Dodd

   As one of the true veterans in this class, Kimani was able to prove herself through her experience, consistency, and powerful voice. 

   As a writer, Kimani had a talent for showing her emotion and genuinity in her stories. Even if most stories had to be objective, she was able to write stories to their full capacity, supplying content to readers with ease. “I enjoy getting to express myself without limitations,” she said, “I love the opportunity to meet people who share the same passion as me.” This became a major reason as to why she tended to write for the Opinions section most of the time for each issue. That being said, her love for utilizing her voice got her the Opinions Editor position this year with no question. She accepted the role without hesitation, which allowed her to lead other writers who aspire to use their voice the way she did. 

   For the next four years, she looks to take on accounting at Florida A&M University.


Joshua Lasarte

   Even through a changeup in his role, Joshua was able to keep consistent with his writing all throughout his time in the Newspaper class.

   Joshua has been in the class for three years, holding different positions each year, which is rare in the class. As a team player, he took on any role that was given to him each year. During his first year, he was a staff writer. The following year he became the Sports Editor, and, lastly, the Enterprise Editor this year. 

   This was a lot of change, not to mention the switch to a fully virtual school year in 2019. It may not sound like a big change, but going from Sports to Enterprise is a full 360. These types of stories stand on two different ends of the spectrum, and Joshua was able to make this switch effortlessly. From writing about our Varsity basketball boys winning districts to explaining the concept of NFT’s, Joshua’s transition was very smooth.

   Although he has taken the Enterprise section by storm, he still admits that writing and editing for the Sports section will always have a part of him. “Out of the stories I wrote,” he said, “My football team stories were my favorite to write.”

   He has truly left his mark on the Chat and the class will miss the talent and work he brought to the table.



   The Digital Design class goes hand in hand with the CHAT’s content class, ensuring the graphic portion of each story matches the written, combined to form articles that make headlines that represent the power of the press stretching across the school body. The seniors from this class, much like the newspaper content class, have gone through their own obstacles to become a major influence on the underclassmen who will take their roles in the following school year.   

   Here are just two of them: 


Mariana Riano  

   Mariana finds solace in her pieces. Based on a raw understanding of color, her digital work consists of flowing lines and pastel colors; a soft tangerine orange is her current favorite. 

   In her Digital Design class, she keeps to herself; and uses that time as a means to experiment with color theory, perspective, and improve her overall design skills.

   While the CHAT staff hastens to write stories that make up each issue, Riano greatly enjoys the challenge of trying to figure out what the writer of her assigned story wants to portray. Seeing her art and the story cohere so seamlessly brings the utmost satisfaction. 

 “I love it when people understand my work and I understand theirs,” she says passionately. 

   Her other hobbies include reading various forms of literature, designing her own personal art pieces, and making character sketches based on the immersive game Dungeons & Dragons. These sketches were her personal creative outlet to push through the“hindsight of 2020;”giving her a better understanding of people’s humanity by creating complex backgrounds.  “It’s a more natural way to bond with people,” Riano explains, “Some people have team sports, I have my art and literature.” 

   In her next chapter, Riano will attend Florida International University and tackle a broadcast major. However, she aims to transfer to the University of Central Florida, whose robust communications program offers a plethora of options such as campus news and talk shows along with professional equipment. 

Graphic by: Mariana Riano

Lily Mccormick 

   Lily Mccormick left her mark on the sports section. As an avid softball player for 14 years, her passions for sports allowed her to merge her developing photography skills to produce amazing content. 

   Her teacher Mr. Foreman, attests to this fact, saying how “heavily involved she was in making [the] social media [section] look cool,” and that her “outgoing personality will most certainly be missed.” 

   As a current graduating senior, Lily reflects on her experience at Charter. From this year, where she would greatly enjoy signing out early everyday, up to the recent prom weekend, which was nothing short of unforgettable, she also looks back on her highschool photography career. 

   “Something I would tell my younger self is to be comfortable with being uncomfortable,” she explains, “and to always bounce back and make things better.” 

   Plowing through with a YOLO mindset, Lily will  head to Pennsylvania State University to obtain her major in Communications. After college, she is set on working in the sports field, specifically the NFL or MLB; knowing “it’s a good career field to pursue as a woman who has played her whole life.” 

Photo by Lily McCormick