Pushing Prom: An Enchanting Return

Marko Barrera, Managing Editor

   As the lights dim down, the atmosphere begins to reach its full potential, truly appearing as the “Enchanted Forest” that was hoped for. Floral centerpieces light up and varieties of food fill the high ceilings with beautiful aromas as students stunt in their outfits that they’ve been waiting to wear for the entire school year. The end of testing season drifts from minds and is replaced with familiar favorites blasting from the DJ’s set behind the inviting dance floor. The most anticipated night of the year has arrived: Prom night.

   Widely known, senior event season saves the best for last with the annual prom. Due to the COVID year, a legitimate prom (at a venue and not at school) has not happened in two whole years. Its return to the senior event spotlight did not disappoint with the help of the class of 2022 student council. 

   Every year, the Senior Prom is all planned out by the Class Student Council. Ranging from the venue, the food being served, the decorations, and even the fundraising, the student council plays a role in everything. The Class of 2022 did more than succeed in raising enough money to hold a beautiful prom. For over a year, Ms.Salazar and the council did their part in securing necessities for an amazing prom. As amazing as it turned out, it was not too easy for the Council. Treasurer Jeslyn Chacko was able to give an insight to the behind the scenes of it. “Planning prom was definitely hard,” she said, “especially with all the prices going up these days.” The hard work definitely paid off, however, as everybody enjoyed the night. 

   This year, prom was held at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood. With a spacious balcony overlooking South Florida’s nightlife, a bar serving bottomless drinks (including some of the best smoothies), and a 360 camera capturing the night’s best looks, it was an event to remember. 

   Speaking of which, students definitely understood the assignment when dressing up for this event. Traditionally, the seniors are encouraged to dress in relation to the prom’s theme. With this year’s being “Enchanted Forest”, lots of greens, shiny sparkles, and colorful ties were common around the hall. However, the process of choosing the attire for a night students have been waiting for their whole lives for isn’t that easy. Some even bought their dresses as far as half a year before the event took place, mostly due to prices rising.

   It took senior Sophia Moreno twelve dresses before finding the one. “With the vibrant shades of purple and sparkles,” she said, “It fit me like a glove and I instantly fell in love with it.” Similar to most couples, Sophia arrived to the scene in coordination with her date, choosing purple to be their matching color.

  Traditionally, couples have a major factor in prom. At the end of prom, the Prom King and Queen are chosen from votes throughout the night by the seniors. After a tight race, Josh Etienne and Gaby Luna took home the crowns and sashes.