The Ultimate Grad Bash Comeback: The Saturday Evening No Senior Will Forget

Valerie Questell, News Editor

   After years without senior events, grad bash has made its comeback and has fulfilled many seniors’ “end of high school” to-do list. A night at Universal Studios Orlando, reserved for seniors only, was a dream come true to many. The night expands onto roller coasters, 3D shows, and amusement park cuisine. 

   Many seniors enjoyed the feeling of being alone with their school at Universal Studios; the adrenaline rush was keeping them awake as the night lingered on through the after-hours. Senior Emily Martinez highlights the event and describes what the adrenaline rush felt like: “Grad bash was honestly one of the [most fun] experiences I’ve had”, Emily says. “The park was closed just for us seniors and I felt so special, even though there were like thousands of seniors there. I would highly recommend going if you get the chance!” Emily, along with many other seniors, viewed this experience as unforgettable. Senior Julian Villarta expressed his thoughts on all of the events that made grad bash unique on its own: “I expected the lines for rides to be really long but the longest one I was in was only 60 minutes,” Julian says. But fortunately, the long lines soon turned into one of the highlights of the night. Julian recalls, “What made it all better was that in the lines there would just be random karaoke sessions where everyone in line would just start singing a song together.” As seniors previously mentioned, the event was filled with many eventful factors: meeting new schools was one out of many unique experiences. 

   Even the long lines were eventful, as everyone was surrounded by their friends. “Gradbash was such a fun experience,” senior Sa’nyaa Rosquete expresses. “I had so much fun at Universal with my friends all night. The lines were really long but it was fun hanging out and meeting new people,” she adds. 

   Fortunately, throughout the event, Senior Ashley Feng realized the South Florida weather cooperated on this special day. “I think I had a good experience. Luckily it didn’t rain and we got to go on all the rides we wanted. The veloci-coaster was my favorite one; it was way faster than I thought it would be.” Even though the event lasted hours and past many peoples’ bedtimes, Julian later mentioned, “By the end of the night I was super tired but super glad I made the decision to go.” Overall, grad bash has made its comeback over years of COVID-19. Seniors of the Class of 2022 are grateful and especially appreciative that they were able to experience their senior year events. After years of hard work and dedication, the PPCHS seniors deserved this comeback, and the tradition remains planned for the rest of the coming years.