The Most Memorable Moments


Graphic by: Jeinily Bencon and Megan Ingram

Lindsey Smith, Arts & Entertainment Editor

   Reflecting back on the four years of high school, seniors remember the most memorable moments: a bittersweet goodbye, but one that is eagerly anticipated nonetheless. 


Senior Matthew Aviles 

   “If I had to choose, my most memorable moment [would be] when I performed “See You Again” by Tyler The Creator at the [PPCHS] band’s spring concert this past Thursday [May 12]. It stands out to me because it was my first opportunity to perform in that manner in front of a crowd, and it meant a lot to me.”


Senior Gabriel Guerrero-Cortes (Gabo)

   “My most memorable moment in high school [was] when our band got a superior at Marching Band MPA. Since my freshman year the main goal was to get the highest rating score for Band, which is a superior. And this year we worked hard and long with Mr Espinosa and our staff. And when they called out and said we got superior we all roared. It was truly a core memory and I was so happy that I completed my 4 Year long goal.”


Senior Tyler Berman

   “My favorite memory of high school would be getting to play at the spring pep rally with my band, Rubber Hearts. It was so memorable to me because we played all original music for the first time ever at a show and the crowd was amazing. It was so much fun playing for our peers and made for an amazing night playing alongside my greatest friends.”


Senior Jayna Brunner

   “My most memorable moment of high school was probably grad bash. I had so much fun going around the park and meeting people from other schools. It was a time for all the seniors to relax and have fun. Also, I think it is the first moment I finally felt like I was nearing the end. It was nice to have fun with my friends without having to worry about an assignment being due. We had time to just be ourselves and celebrate everything we have accomplished.”


Senior Evangelin Rejeev 

    “My most memorable moment has got to be our senior class grad bash. I remember running like people on Black Friday to get in lines for rides so that we could get on everything. I remember the feet pain from standing in line for so long and also screaming our lungs out on the roller coasters. And, of course, the bus ride was definitely a memorable one, I think I’m still suffering from the back pain. Overall, I’m extremely grateful to have traveled with such a funny and entertaining group of friends to make some of the most amazing memories of my high school experience.”


Senior Camila Navas 

   “My most memorable memory from high school was prom. It was very fun to experience the opportunity with my classmates. Seeing them dressed up was such a beautiful thing. We got to dance to some throwback songs, we ate good food, and we all went to the beach later on and just enjoyed the scene.”


   About to embark on an adventure on the road less taken, surpassing the jungle of youth and into a brand new world where independence reigns and new memories await, one last look at high school memories makes the goodbye that much easier. Relinquish the title class of 2022. Embrace the title class of 2026!