On Track to Success



Kyvon Tatham (Photo by: Hailey Tesser)

Lucas Giron, Social Media Editor

  One of the most prolific athletes at Pembroke Pines Charter High School, senior Kyvon Tatham, has accomplished what other athletes can only dream of: two state titles. Starting in track and field when he was only about five years old, the sport ran in his family as his older brothers were runners and his father was a coach. His passion for the sport was always visible; however, it wasn’t until middle school that Kyvon decided to really take track and field seriously. 

   He wanted to be the very best athlete he could be, and his training represented exactly that. He was the one that pushed himself to become better on the track, stating that, “I always wanted to be the best in everything”. This dedication paid off as he made the track team in his freshman year. Not only did he make the varsity track team, but he was able to make it to states in the same year.  In high school, Kyvon expanded his events to the 200 and 400 meter along with long jump and triple long jump. 

   After his freshman year, things took a turn for the worse as COVID-19 took over the world and Kyvon couldn’t continue his training as he was so used to doing. This took a heavy toll on Kyvon, and throughout his junior year, he suffered with injuries which prevented him from being able to participate in the sport that meant so much to him. 

   Nonetheless, his senior year he came back even stronger, reaching states in two events: long jump and triple long jump. He took home 1st in both events, finalizing his high school track career in a great manner. 

   Track has not only given Kyvon the excitement and adrenaline of winning, but it has taught him skills he wouldn’t have learned if he hadn’t participated in track: “Track has taught me discipline because no one gets up everyday and runs for fun,” he says. Kyvon plans to continue his track career in college and has dreams to challenge world records in the events he participates in.