Poetry Outloud!

Mariana Riano, Staff Writer/ Cartoonist

     Under the glow of the library auditorium lights, Jags from every grade grabbed the mic and made it theirs. On February 12th, Slam Night and Poetry OutLoud came together for a night of food, fun, and arts. Led by NEHS, the event ran from 5:00 to 7:30 PM through dozens of recitals, ranging from giddy and loving to dark, angsty, and brooding. Some participants came to win within their category with their original work; others, to compete for the chance to represent the school at the state-level Poetry OutLoud competition.

     The first round’s theme last calendar year transformed from a night under the stars to a cozy brick-walled coffee shop. Cookies, sparkling water, and copious amounts of milk were served to guests reclining at candlelit tables draped in a red sheet. Even with the freezing cold auditorium air, the audience’s buzz kept the room warm and the participants’ voices, alive. 

     Declaring the winner was a tough decision for Poetry OutLoud’s judges panel, but in the end, Ava Johnson triumphed. She is ecstatic to be able to compete for Charter High at University of South Florida. If she wins, she will have the opportunity to compete for PPCHS at the national level in Washington, D.C. in spring from April 27th to the 29th.

     Jags, family and friends can catch Ava’s performance on February 29th.