Previewing June 3rd: A Night of Success for Our Seniors, and a Night of Fulfillment for All


Photo by: Jeinily Bencon

Daniel Morrison, Staff Writer

   June 3rd is becoming a popular date in everyone’s calendar because, “For the first time in three years, we are back to our traditional graduation ceremony at our very own Pembroke Pines Dodge City Center!” says an elated Principal Bayer. 

   In-person graduations were put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But now, in just two weeks, senior Jags will be able to fling their caps in the air in triumph once again.

   “June 3rd will be a very emotional day for me. However, there is no feeling of being scared or nervous. I am super excited to walk for that last time with my fellow classmates, and I can’t wait for that day to come,” says senior Daniel Valderrama. 

   Senior Matthew Toussaint shares a similar sentiment. “It’s pretty exciting moving on from a chapter in life where I’ve grown a lot,” he says. “I plan on bringing my parents and siblings, and I would love to have my grandparents come as well.” However, with there being a limited number of tickets, graduates must choose which family members to bring and share this achievement with.

   Five tickets are given to each graduate upon completion of a rehearsal session—the graduate themself does not need a ticket. Graduation rehearsal will be held at the Dodge City Center on Thursday, June 2nd, at 1:00 P.M, the day before Friday’s graduation at 5:30 P.M. “With there only being five tickets given to each student, I plan on bringing as many members of my family as I can,” hopes Valderrama. “It is truly a special moment, particularly for my parents, who will have their last child graduate from the charter system.”

   Morale is soaring amongst seniors on campus, so much that ounces of it has spread to their younger siblings and future graduates. “I’m very proud of his long journey to graduate high school, and I look forward to further growth from him,” says sophomore Madison Toussaint, Matthew’s sister. “I see him as inspiration to continue pushing through my high school years because it shows hard work really does pay off.” Sophomore Marcus Acevedo, brother of senior Justin Acevedo, agrees but admits, “It’s lowkey sad that he’s going to be gone. We were together like everyday for our whole childhood. It’s going to be weird without him.”

   Principal Bayer acknowledges the perseverance countless senior Jags put forth to make it this far. “Our intention is to send the Class of 2022 off in style—they have overcome tremendous challenges and shown great character despite all the obstacles in their way. They deserve a terrific ceremony!” 

   School spirit among our seniors will remain high up to this ceremony, that is until they have to hand it over to another school. Post-graduation will be one of much reminiscence and anticipation; students will put an end to their Charter stories, but begin new ones at the school of their liking. Valderrama offers a glimpse of his first chapter: “After graduation, I hope to enjoy my summer in Florida and take in the hot and humid weather before my departure to New York for four years,” he previews. “It will be very stressful being prepared to live on my own, especially in a completely different place,” he continues. 

   Accounts like these are certain to come up with graduation on the horizon. So now is the time to celebrate the dedication and grit of our seniors and value their inspiring stories, all before they hit the stage on June 3rd.