What’s Next for our Robotics Team?  

Trisha Villanueva, Staff Writer

   The robotics team continues to do amazing things! The Department of Microwave Repair team placed 48 out of 80 in their division, and won 6 out of 11 matches at the VEX VRC World Championships. The team has already made great progress prototyping a new robot after the new robotics challenge was released for the upcoming year. They will continue to work on it over the summer, to have a lighter load and become more successful during the school year. They also look forward to getting their other teams to the Worlds competition, winning future competitions, and making a bigger name for PPCHS and the robotics club. Their ultimate goal is to get past the division finals and win VEX Worlds. 

   A huge congratulations to Mrs. Estevez (sponsor), Aidan Cobb, Matthew Estevez, Jonathan Kim, Nathan Pothuganti, Nikhil Sangamkar, and Eduardo Steinmann Petrasso.