PPCHS’s Senior Presidents: The Final Send-Off

Iris Lee, Student Life Editor

   For the majority of students, the beginning of May marks the beginning of a strenuous testing season. Massive study sessions, cramming reviews—it’s enough to make anyone’s head hurt. However, May signifies something else for the senior class:  the beginning of the bittersweet countdown to graduation.

   Towards the end of every year, the senior class begins its preparations for graduation, and this year is no different. It’s undeniable that a huge hole will be left in their wake, and the upcoming classes have huge shoes to fill.

   Once more, senior club presidents will have to face the melancholic feeling of finally stepping down and leaving their clubs in the hands of newly-elected board members. Many of these leaders have truly given their all, and finally leaving is easier said than done. Reva Adi, president of the Village Book Builders chapter at PPCHS, founded the club herself during the pandemic. “From reading storybooks to playing Pictionary with my mentees, I’ve learned that the little things matter the most and such opportunities don’t always come by, and when they do, I should make the most of them. It was from these experiences that I decided to initiate a Village Book Builders chapter at our school. Not only to provide students with an opportunity to earn service hours, but to give them a chance to share knowledge and gain new perspectives with students in Africa,” she says. 

   Actively participating in clubs is a fundamental, unforgettable experience during high school. The experiences are impossible to replicate, and the memories made are priceless. “My favorite moment was cooking Filipino style chicken adobo in the school’s cafeteria. I love Filipino food and am very happy that I was able to share a little bit of my culture with the culinary club members,” says Julian Villarta, Culinary Club president. 

   But moreover, a huge aspect of clubs are the lessons you learn along the way. According to Alexis Galleta, SGA president, “Throughout my years, I’ve learned that it’s impossible to please everyone, but it’s even more important to please those that support you. Flexibility is key!”

   And now, these presidents are approaching the final send off. They’re finally leaving the clubs they’ve grown with. But, they’re comforted with the knowledge that the clubs are in good hands. “It feels bittersweet to be stepping down, but I trust the future board. Our two rising officers are very responsible, and I trust that they will be able to run the club smoothly next year with whoever they choose for the board the year after,” says Julian. “I’m so upset to be graduating and leaving what made my high school experience the way it was. I will probably be sobbing my last day. This year alone has put us through many challenges, and I believe the officer board is well prepared to take the next! The 2022-2023 board is extremely strong, everyone has their own qualities that will make them unstoppable,” adds Alexis. As a whole, PPCHS will never forget this year’s admirable senior club presidents, and will continue to hope for the creation of new memories after graduation!