Nicole Llanes: Making the CHAT Newspaper a Family

Marissa Levinson, Opinions Editor

   When the Editor in Chief walks into the room, you know she means business. With the next CHAT issue on the line, Nicole Llanes scans the class of writers, guiding them to success. “Being a leader isn’t just bossing everyone around,” the 2021-2022 CHAT Newspaper Chief expresses; she inspires, creates bonds, and puts a smile on everyone’s faces while doing her job. 

   “Making sure things are on time, running smoothly and checking that everything is in place” are Nicole’s day-to-day tasks as Editor in Chief. Without her “editing, giving feedback, and checking up on everyone,” the collectiveness of the newspaper would be at stake. As her journalism teacher for the past three years, Mr. Fagen has personally seen how Nicole “invested her time into making each writer reach their full potential,” by not only making reminders, but also by turning “the class into a close knit family.”

   During her sophomore year, when she first joined the newspaper class as the social media editor, Nicole was already aware of her fondness for writing– what she didn’t know was how the class would “become a part of” her. Coming to her like an epiphany, the young journalism enthusiast learned that Newspaper is “a lot more than just a class.” One of her main goals throughout her senior year was to not only be in charge of providing writers with a creative outlet, but also to promote a warm atmosphere that welcomes asking questions and offering advice.

    Now that Nicole is ready to toss her graduation cap into the air, Rebecca Lim prepares to fill her place as next year’s Editor in Chief. Following in her footsteps, Rebecca hopes to be “able to use all of the things she’s taught [her] to continue pushing our staff and the quality of our newspaper” for the 2022-2023 school year. Although “it’s going to be a little strange stepping into her role” as Rebecca remarks, Nicole’s “honesty, encouraging words, and contagious work ethic have convinced [her] that [she is] prepared to lead the class next year.”

      As the next chapter in her life approaches, Nicole Llanes plans to take on Biology at Nova Southeastern University as a pre-med student. When she’s not hard at work, Llanes enjoys baking, painting, shopping, and being in the company of loved ones. Although her time in the CHAT Newspaper at Pines Charter has come to an end, her legacy as a leader will remain in the class for years to come.