Senior Dinner: The Last Taste of Home


Photo by: Rebecca Lim

Rebekah Barrera, Arts & Entertainment Editor

   On a normal school day, the cafeteria is filled wall to wall with snaking lines of chattering kids, their grumbling stomachs hiding behind dull uniforms. On the evening of June 1, however, this year’s Senior Dinner will set an entirely different scene: guests will find themselves underneath a starry night ‘sky’, its shining lights illuminating the room of seniors and their loved ones. Shimmery dresses and ironed button-ups will replace the usual Charter color palette, and the air will contain a magical buzz felt by everyone in the area–one that speaks of honor and admiration.

   This year’s Senior Dinner commemorates both PPCHS saying hello to the return of the tradition along with a bittersweet farewell to the Class of 2022. With a “starry night” theme, local cuisine, and light entertainment, Charter’s juniors invite the graduating class and their loved ones for a night to celebrate the end of their high school experiences!

   While the dinner serves as one of the last events of the school season (after Grad Bash and Prom), the Junior Student Council guarantees that it’ll end the year with a bang! “The council has been working extremely hard to prepare for this event,” Aiyanna Nixon, president of the Class of 2023, assures. “It is definitely not an easy task but I believe in my team and myself and that we could pull it off.” With excitement clearly stemming from the hosts as well as the guests, the event is bound to be full of energy.

   Adding to this anticipation, the Junior Class Officers present a little sneak peek into the night’s plans. Along with a celebratory feast, it was revealed that Charter’s very own Latin Dance Team will make an appearance, the school staff will say their final goodbyes, and so much more! As Aiyanna says, people should look forward to the “FANTASTIC vibes” the evening will bring.

   However, all this hard work and organization doesn’t just come from out of nowhere. After four long, complicated high school years, many feel that the seniors are deserving of a relaxing night dedicated solely to them. Mrs.Taylor, sponsor of the Class of 2023, couldn’t agree more. She “firmly believe[s] that this is the most compassionate graduating class [she] [has] ever taught” as they were able to “overcome adversity” and “face the pandemic with their chin up and feet moving forward.” For this very reason, she knows that celebrating the seniors at the dinner will be the highlight of her entire year.

   Of course, only the seniors themselves understand just how much of the youthful high school experience they missed out on before returning to a somewhat normal year. Senior Carolina Calonge, who will attend the event, explains that she “think[s] Senior Dinner is just another senior event that [they] are lucky enough to get.” Inviting her friends and family to join her during the evening, Carolina plans to make the most out of these last months of her senior year.

   Senior Dinner begins at 6 PM on June 1, with presale tickets selling at $25 per person. As graduation follows two days after, the seniors will finish off their time left at Charter with full stomachs and a final taste of the Home of the Jags!