Bye Bye Exams, Hello Summer!


Photo by: Hailey Tesser

Alexandria Williams, Staff Writer

 Let’s say bye to exams and hello to fun, new activities. With the testing season coming to an end, students now have the opportunity to stop stressing and to have fun. There are endless activities students can do now in their free time such as: going to the mall, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, watching movies, etc. And best of all, not stress about testing. Students can also begin to plan for their summer vacation, which is right around the corner, or settle with Netflix and chilling now that testing is over

   This year, some students simply plan on doing their own thing. Sophomore Tracey Jean-Louis who has just taken her AP photography exam says, “ I plan on just chilling and I might watch some TV shows on Netflix. I’m just happy that the hard tests are finally over and I can finally feel less anxious.”: the stress of Advanced Placement classes are inmeasurable!

   Another student, sophomore Hibba Waqar, who has taken AICE Global Perspectives and AICE International says “I have to finish taking an exam, but for now, AICE classes are stressful due to the fact that they are higher level thinking classes. But a way that I relax is hanging out with friends and family, as well as my cat Nicki.” Although exams were very stressful, many students have found their unique way to cope with stress, such as playing with their pets or doing other activities that make them happy. 

   Another student at PPCHS, who has taken the AICE General Paper exam, was sophomore Isamarie Ortiz. “Needless to say, prepping for the AICE exam was very stressful because I didn’t know how the testing process was going to work nor what the list of prompts for my essay was going to be. I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to finish, revise and edit the exam. However, I proved myself wrong and managed my time very well. After I finished, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I started focusing on my other tasks, [like] trying to finish everything on time to make plans with some friends to celebrate the end of finals.” Although these exams were definitely very hard and stressful, they are almost over, so it’s time to say goodbye to exams, and hello to summer!