The Return of The Luncheon 

Cariana Pou, Staff Writer

   Officially back this year is the annual luncheon: it’s an event that is hosted by Mr. Fagen and Mr. Foreman, when all the yearbook and newspaper staff come together and are awarded for their hard work throughout the year. For the past two years, due to Covid and online school, the luncheon hasn’t happened, but this year it’s back at the library’s auditorium. There was a room where tables and chairs were brought together, and as the students walked in you could see on their faces how surprised and excited they were. There was a table with all the awards and certificates placed neatly in front of the room. A lot of kids were calling their friends over to sit with each other and others were taking photos of the set up; throughout the whole ceremony a well-put-together slideshow played on the projector, displaying all the staff members and their roles, while Mr. Fagen was welcoming students and making sure everything moved smoothly. 

   The luncheon was new to almost all of the people that attended, but one of the now-seniors has been in the newspaper digital publishing class for all four years, and participated in the luncheon in her freshman year. This lucky student is Lillian McCormick–the singular student to raise her hand when Mr. Fagen asked if anyone had ever been to a luncheon before. This is what Lillian had to share about her experiences: “There isn’t much to recall from my freshman year, but being able to experience it again my senior year was exciting. The awards were great and it really was an enjoyable moment that I gladly shared with my great group of classmates.”

   This was junior Natali Brito’s point of view of the luncheon as someone attending for the first time, and she couldn’t have been happier: “I didn’t know what to expect but the luncheon definitely was different; I honestly can’t wait to go again my senior year.” Back at charter, this luncheon is definitely a top experience; to add to the amazing experience, the medallions given out to the yearbook and newspaper staff can be worn to graduation.

   The luncheon was a huge way to honor the students who showed out, grew, and helped others with writing stories, getting quotes, and just adjusting to the on-campus newspaper/yearbook classes. After all the awards were handed out, there was food from Pasquale’s and drinks for all the students and guests, including Principal Bayer, who came to support. Even FoxMar came to capture photos of the special event. Overall, the event was great: students enjoyed each other’s company and everyone enjoyed the delicious food.