Diving Into the Real World: Should Students Get Summer Jobs?


Photo by: Hailey Tesser

Marissa Levinson, Opinions Editor

   The bell rings one last time before summer break. Students take a breath of relief, putting their ten month headache behind them. The time to kick back and relax is now… until the boredom hits. Deciding to apply for a summer job is common amongst teenagers, having advantages of its own.

   Four years of high school and four years of the question “What more can I do to have a successful future?” echoing through the back of students’ anxiety ridden minds. Demonstrating the responsibility and commitment that colleges strive for their students to possess, a summer job can increase chances of being accepted into your dream college. Reputable jobs such as tutoring students and lifeguarding at local swimming pools ultimately come back to helping the community, which is another aspect of a teenager’s life that colleges prioritize while selecting students. 

  Regardless of the classes students take throughout high school, preparation for the real world only goes to a certain extent. Without the experience that summer jobs create, young adults may find themselves standing on the edge of chaos and disorganization that life soon beholds. Indecisions and unnecessary stress can be steered clear of by applying for a summer job, building a foundation for what you want to achieve, as well as providing the confidence boost and sense of independence that numerous teens crave to grasp in their lives. Catering to a customer’s needs, working in a timely manner, and keeping order all around don’t always come naturally to people newly found in the workplace. As cliché as it sounds, practice makes perfect, and having a summer job will eventually strengthen the basic skills a typical job position entails. 

   A successful future typically requires prior experience in the field you choose to delve into. Starting early with a summer job can eliminate, as well as create ideas for, the type of job you want and the field it correlates with. Gaining experience through a summer job can be the root of realizing which career paths you are suitable for, or it can allow you to look further into your career goals. As a result of this, students can narrow down their options for the next chapter in their lives following high school. 

   From an economic standpoint, having a job over the summer can provide families with financial relief. The uncertainty of being accepted into college isn’t only an educational stressor, as it also makes a deep dent in people’s wallets. Fortunately, with an extra income in the household, savings for the future can be supplemented. Although many may believe that balancing school and work should not be a weight placed on a student’s shoulders, a job that only lasts over the course of a few months won’t hinder a teenager’s academic focus. 

   When the upcoming school year approaches, students and families can then make the decision of whether or not to continue the job, keeping in mind that they have already begun to pave the way to their future.