Behind the Scenes

Teacher Appreciation Week

Kara Warren, Staff Writer


 Whether it’s Mr. Sanchez’s vibrant LED lights radiating across the U building hallway, Mrs.Rudd’s mission to update her students on the latest world events, or even Coach Kelley’s effortless conversation starters whenever you catch his eye, our teachers have spent the entire school year and more putting their best foot forward to cater to our very own needs. The Student Government Association is doing their very best to not only show that teachers are appreciated across the entire school, but to also show the lasting impact they’ve had on this year’s senior class.

   Although teacher appreciation week falls on a week packed with super testing days this year, SGA has admitted to doing their best to work around it. Angelina Cilli, a senior and SGA student of 3 years at PPCHS, is one of the students in charge of organizing the week. “Initially, we had high hopes for what we’d be able to accomplish to show our gratitude to our teachers this year, but we’ve been having trouble trying to adjust to the new testing schedule. Though as of now, a senior signing party is in the works–where SGA is going to team up with yearbook to group the senior class with teachers to sign each other’s yearbooks. It’ll be like the final goodbye on both ends!”

   Angelina made it known that even though administration’s plans conflicted with her own, SGA is still doing as much as possible to incorporate student participation in the week of gratitude. “Apart from the senior signing party, SGA is accepting videos from students school-wide to be sent to their favorite teachers. We’ve already gotten a few this past week and we’re just so excited to see teachers’ reactions, because some of them are so thoughtful!”

   In contrast from previous years, SGA has been filled with plenty of seniors. Furthermore, not only are they leaving the class to the handful of underclassmen, but SGA’s advisor, Mr.Curry, has announced his transfer to Hollywood Hills Highschool for the 2022-2023 school year. One of the underclassmen, and the newly-elected vice president Camila Correa has openly expressed her disappointment about the whole situation.  “I hope Mr. Curry knows that he has such a great impact on not only me, but so many other students, and our entire school community as well! He does and stands for everything being a teacher represents, and I know we’ll be in good hands next year because he’s set us up for only the best!”

   Apart from SGA’s efforts to make this year special for our faculty, students have plenty of good memories and wishes they’d like to share with their favorite teachers and those who are leaving after this school year. One student, Liberty Koch, admitted to having the best time with Ms.Rogers. “She’s always so full of energy and exciting in the mornings; it makes my day. Even though the class can be draining at times, she manages to keep her cool and teach us English to her best ability.”

   Sumedh Edavalluri though, a junior, has the best memories with both Mr. Perez and Mr. Curry. “Personally, Mr.Perez is my favorite teacher. Because he’s so young I feel as though I can connect best with him, and I think the majority of his students feel the same. But I will be missing Mr.Curry the most, because my class always makes his history lectures a blast, because he will always join in with us, regardless of the seriousness of the situation.”

   Teacher Appreciation Week has always been overlooked by students each year, but nothing is more important than showing your gratitude towards others before it’s too late, especially in 2022. Because so many teachers are leaving, including the one who organizes the most school-wide events, this year is more important than ever. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from the Newspaper Staff!