The Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza!

Daniel Morrison , Staff Writer


 We all remember that joyous feeling of running out onto an open field with bright yellow, pastel-pink, or deep blue eggs scattered about. You would shield your eyes from the intense sunlight that gleamed off their plastic shells and your adrenaline levels would reach an all time high. All you wanted was to capture every single egg on that field. 

   On Monday, April 11th, this nostalgia was felt once again by the Class of 2024. This time, however, students were out for a particular golden egg, one that would award their team $50 if discovered. A special Easter basket was also up for grabs, reserved for the team who found the most eggs out of the few hundred hidden around campus. Some groups made finding the golden egg their primary objective, while others simply battled to collect the most eggs. Whichever prize they sought after, laughter resonated from gate to gate and eggcitement filled the air.

   “We were thinking of pre-Covid Easter events that got everyone involved,” says sophomore Anaya Andre, Class of 2024 President. “We miss the feeling of searching for eggs and revealing the candy hidden inside, so we wanted to bring that back through this event.” 

   “Student Council wanted to do something fun that would be a win-win for students and parents,” adds sophomore Natalie Tsung, 2024’s Vice President. “Parents donated the candy, eggs, and other supplies for parent hours, and students got to enjoy these sweets and a chance to win prizes. The council would get the opportunity to raise funds and have a fun time together.”

   At 2:15pm, students assembled in the breezeway to check in with Student Council members. The members handed out wristbands and allowed them to purchase snacks and drinks. Ms. Brandt, Student Council’s sponsor, even permitted some stray students to participate; they bought their tickets on the spot and joined in on the fun. 

   The breezeway was buzzing with team spirit. While council members dispersed around campus to hide the eggs, players got together with their groups to discuss their game plans and chants: “Three, two, one!” followed by their team name. “Clubhouse was our name,” says sophomore Ryan Romero, “We were feeling ready to win and to be the fastest to collect the eggs. My team was locked in.” 

   At 2:40, students gathered around the starting line—marked by the small arch entering the breezeway and the small step to its side—and readied themselves. Council members retrieved their megaphones and started the countdown: “THREE, TWO, ONE…GO!” And then they were off, leaving a competitive gust of air that gave the breezeway its wind for the next hour.

   The eggs were hidden everywhere inside school gates apart from the bathrooms and buildings. Students inspected the fountain and its surrounding chairs and tables, examined the area around the River of Grass, and glanced over Senior Square. Other students looked for eggs in more unique places, such as the staircases of each building, the garden by S building, and where Principal Bayer hid the much-desired golden egg. 

   “I thought I hid the egg in a really good spot—under the seat of the maroon bench by the outdoor classroom,” Mr. Bayer says. “A lot of egg hunters passed right by it, but I could see that one student who was very thorough and checked everything.” That student was freshman Kaitlyn Srbovan. Srbovan and her team split the $50 and had their picture taken by the fountain. “If I ever lose anything I need to find, I know who to ask for assistance,” Bayer jokes. Other teams followed in Kaitlyn’s footsteps and gathered around for a group picture. There stood fifty students with wide smiles of nostalgia, showing off their overflowing bags of eggs.

   At 3:15, students returned to the breezeway to count their eggs. Sophomore Gabriella Tolentino managed to obtain the most. “It was honestly really exciting,” she says with glee. “We couldn’t believe we found that many.” For her triumph, Gabriella received an Easter basket of assorted candies, Easter-themed glasses, and Easter-themed bunny ears. 

   “The outcome was so amazing,” Natalie says. “A lot more people showed up than we anticipated, and the students were really into it. I hope that next year this event will be just as successful, if not more.” Time will only tell whether this holds to be true. As Student Council elections near, new students will be in position to put forth new ideas. Keep your eye out for your favorite nominee, and good luck, candidates!