So Long, Spring Break

What Jags Have to Say About Spring Break ‘22


Photo By jeinily Bencon

Savannah Searcy, Social Media Editor

 School is back in session, Jags! After a well deserved spring break, everyone has officially made their return back to campus, with many long faces grieving the loss of their break, and others excited to get back into routine. Here are what some Jags have to say about their spring break!


   “I went and saw the Easter Bunny with my brother at the mall which was really fun because he had a good time. Then we went to the beach a few times which was also cool.” -Freshman Caleb Cook


   “My spring break was chill but fun. I went to the beach and hung out with friends. The best part was not having to deal with any homework, and getting to go out. The worst part was when the break was ending, meaning we would have to go back to school soon.” -Sophomore Astrid Henry-Rivera


  “Over spring break I went to a sunflower farm! It was the prettiest thing and I had so much fun. I picked strawberries too. The whole break was very fun and relaxing, I enjoyed it a lot.” -Junior Abriana Marte


   “My spring break was honestly just so relaxing, and definitely what I needed. School was just getting so stressful, so it felt really nice to finally wind down for a bit and not worry about anything school related. I went to the pool and to the beach like everyday, I hung out with family and friends, and went on a boat trip to the Keys. It was very much needed. [The] only downside was that I had practice everyday, so I was still pretty tired, but overall I’m very blessed to have enjoyed my break.” -Junior Elisa Ortuzar


   “It was so good. I hung out with my boyfriend the whole time which was great. We went to watch the sunrise and had breakfast and just drove around the beach, it was amazing.” -Senior Sophia Moreno


   “I didn’t have any bad parts about my spring break, it was amazing. Basically I went to Colombia for the whole spring break and went to visit family. I also got to celebrate my birthday over break in Colombia which was super nice.” -Senior Carlos Betancur

   “My spring break was pretty okay. I went on a college visit to Western Carolina University for the week, and that’s about it. It was interesting though, and I’m excited for my future.” -Senior Kyvon Tatham