Model UN: Democracy Among The Young

Graphic by Mariana Rhiano

Graphic by Mariana Rhiano

Lindsey Smith , Staff Writer

 The PPCHS Model UN club recently competed in a competition at Florida International University (FIMUN). The competition, which was a weekend long event, consisted of multiple teams, multiple issues, and multiple different committees that targeted specific problems in need of solutions. Teams from all over the country compete in FIMUN, making it a competitive playing field. 

   The competition consists of different events, otherwise known as the general assembly, the delegates, the crisis committee, and specialized committees. For sophomore Daniella Millian, deciding an event isn’t a difficult task. “I mainly enjoy crisis [committee] because of the fact that you get a character and get to learn about them and their ideas and make your own twist on the character is very appealing.” Daniella, who competed in the crisis committee and received an award for verbal commendation, describes the competition as fun and thoroughly entertaining: “One of my favorite parts was the other delegates giving me a nickname. The character I was playing was Dr. Felix Hoffman and the delegates gave me the name Doc. Hoff. Another [of my favorite parts was] the crisis updates and [when] the director would barge in and start speaking German; it was very funny and had all the delegates laughing.” 

   Junior Jovan Alfonso shared Daniella’s enthusiasm for the crisis committee, explaining, “…it allows you to play specific characters and take them in any direction. For instance, if I’m a doctor I can become so skilled that I am able to perform soul transplants. This could help me in the committee as we are all just marking things up to fit our narrative.” Jovan also expressed his enjoyment at FIMUN explaining how the representatives of other countries had a large impact on the overall atmosphere. “My most memorable moment was when my partner, Yahared Fernandez, and I met another country (Jordan) because they turned out to be really cool people who would help us establish a sphere of influence among our fellow countries.” Jovan’s experience reflects that of many others, showing that the event was much more than a competition, but instead held a deeper meaning, one that represents a world of people coming together. 

      For members like junior Matthew Castillo, Model UN is enjoyable for its calm debating. “I enjoy Model UN because it’s like a debate without aggression. In Model UN, you have to work and collaborate with others, and compromise in order to amend an issue you’re presented with, which starkly contrasts from the belligerent nature of debate…” The element of companionship, travel, and meeting new people is also a big factor that goes into play for Matthew. “My favorite part, personally, is going places, sometimes far from home, for the weekend, and meeting new people. Although sometimes it’s intimidating, it’s a very interesting experience no matter what.” The travel on top of meeting new people makes Model UN truly an experience like no other. 

  The PPCHS Model UN club has established a distinguished and sophisticated name not only in the school, but also at a variety of different competitions. In their upcoming competition on April 21-25, it can be expected that they will represent Charter’s exceptional extracurricular community well.