Which Quarter is the Hardest?


Photo by: Jeinily Bencon

Alexandria Williams, Staff Writer

   This school year has been very successful, as well as hectic, for many Jags, who have officially gone through more than half the school year with Covid-19 still lingering in the air. Although we are still in the Covid pandemic, this school year has been productive, as well as stressful, especially in the 3rd quarter.

   Out of all of the quarters, the 3rd quarter of the school year is notorious for being the most stressful. During this quarter, high schoolers are given more tests and homework. Students are also preparing for the forthcoming tests, such as the FSA and other important exams. Teachers also have greater expectations from their students, including finishing assignments on time… And to make things even worse, the third quarter is the longest of them all.

   On the other hand, the first quarter is more straightforward and less difficult as it is the start of a brand new school year, and students are getting to know all of their teachers and classmates. The first quarter is the easiest quarter, due to the fact that this is when the teachers assign simpler work, such as assignments that deal with topics learned in previous years. Teachers also don’t have really high expectations from their students during this quarter since it is the beginning of the school year. Overall, the first quarter is the easiest out of all of them.

   PPCHS students are finally in the fourth and final quarter of the year–and I know everyone is excited about that. This being the final quarter means that not only are students working harder, but they are also preparing for various exams. Peers are also now leaving behind the stress from all the previous quarters and getting ready for the summer ahead. Although this year has been hectic and somewhat stressful, it is now finally coming to an end.