Looking Back at Basketball’s Best


Photo by Jeinily Bencon

Adam Abougendia, Sports Editor

“A dream does not become reality unless you put in the work.”

   Top senior, Elijah Wyche and the Pembroke Pines Charter basketball team live by this motto and it shows by their efforts on the court. Back to back state championship appearances for the Jaguars over the last two seasons behind the names you heard day in and day out such as Kolby King, Geoff Sprouse, Caelum Ethridge, and of course, Elijah Wyche. As the 2022 season comes to an end, let’s take a look at some of the highlight moments for the Pembroke Pines Charter Basketball team. 

Pines Charter Vs. Sierra Canyon

   When you hear Lebron James Jr and Sierra Canyon, most teams would back away from the challenge. However, not the Jaguars. The team walked in their like it was just another day at the office. Sierra Canyon led at halftime; however, Pines Charter did not let up. Both teams showed their talent and passion for trying to reach the final of the Iolani Classic. Pines Charter took the lead at the end of the third quarter with a score of 34-32. In the fourth quarter, both teams took turns taking the lead, but Sierra Canyon ended up booking their ticket to the final. This game was a turning point for the team putting their name on the map nationally and starting their push for a state championship.

Pines Charter Vs. Dillard(Big 8 Finals)

   This team is no stranger to a Big 8 title, winning it 3 times in a row dating back to 2019-2020. Confidence was high as it always was for the Jags as they found out they were playing Dillard high school. Never cocky, just pure belief in themselves. Behind Wyche’s 19 points and Sprouse’s 18, the boys got it done by a score of 74-59. 

Pines Charter Vs. STA(District Finals)

   As the quest for States was fully underway, a district finals appearance loomed for the Jaguars and St. Thomas Aquinas was on the clock. After beating Dillard high school again in the district tournament, the boys came in firing on all cylinders. Behind Sprouse’s 23 points and St. Johns University commit, Kolby King’s 16 points; Pines Charter came out victorious 64-44 and took home the district championship. 

   As college ball appears close for the majority of the seniors, a new wave of jaguars will have to step up next season in order to maintain the level of excellence that Pembroke Pines Charter strive for. Everyone in the Jaguar family is proud of the standard the team has set over the last three seasons. There is no doubt the Charter boys will come out different next year, in the best way possible.