Soaring To New Heights With The Aircar


Photo from Unsplash by Theodor Vasile

Camila Escobar, Arts and Entertainment Editor

   A simple pleasure soaring into new heights leaves people shocked at how far automotive technology has come. One of the first times anyone has ever seen or was even open to the idea of a flying car was in the hit 80’s film “Back To The Future.” Even though the supposed “future” was 2015, and at that time there were no flying cars or actual hoverboards technology has come a long way from then. On January 25th, 2022 the innovative “Air Car” came to light. A car that can transform into a small aircraft will someday in the near future be available to citizens who of course, own a pilots licence. When students were asked exactly how they feel about this astounding innovation they said: 

   “I think flying cars are cool because they can take you from point A to point B way faster than a regular car would. I also like to see clouds.” – Senior Justin Rodriguez

   “I think flying cars would be terrible because people already have trouble driving, so it would be worse if the cars could fly too. Flying cars, however, can protect people from earthquakes.”-Senior Radliff Jeantinor:

   “Flying cars are an interesting concept, but I believe they would ultimately be a useless development. It would be equivalent to adding a second road above the current road, since there would still need to be traffic regulations (due to possible conflicts between the flying vehicles and other aircraft.) A more utilitarian option would be something akin to flying public transit, where traffic would be  little problem, there would be no flight license requirement, and less fuel would be needed to support the transportation infrastructure.” – Senior Leo Graham

   “It might take away from the culture of the car but definitely would be nice to live in a world where flying cars is a functional and everyday type of thing.” – Junior Alejandro Romero

   “As if traffic rules and regulations aren’t already a nightmare, could you imagine a whole new government agency being designated to handle flying vehicles? ” – Senior Julianna Gonzalez

   “For a flying car one problem would be the requirement of both a pilots license and a drivers license, flying cars also would screw up most traffic infrastructure and would require more air traffic controller towers. Flying cars also require more gas than regular cars because both the regular car functions and jet engines would require fuel, since it’s a “flying car” it would have both the car functions and the functions of a plane requiring double the amount of regular gas.” – Freshman Jonathan Kim

   “I did’nt even know this was a thing but I think it’s a super cool idea! I think it’s a great idea because it will allow the people with pilot licenses to get places faster.” – Seniors Andrea Planas

   “ It was kind of expected , we’ve seen movies about it and it’s become sort of a thing to be thought of in the future, and eventually even if we don’t want to do it we will be forced too.” Junior Luis Azar 

   “ I think it’s pretty cool. This is a huge step into the future for motor companies, manufacturers, and the entire car scene. It could help alleviate traffic on city roads and highways.” – Junior Asra Khan

   From land to the skies, cars are taking over the automotive world one flight at a time.