Welcome Back Virtual Learning! But this Time, It’s Your Choice


Photos from Unsplash by Jewish Thomas and Annie Spratt

Nicole Llanes, Editor In Chief

   Coming back to school in person after an entire year and a half of virtual learning, the feeling amongst students was mutual: the wish to stay home once again and learn from the comfort of their own homes. Luckily, for underclassmen, this wish will become a reality by the 2022-2023 school year.

   Broward County Schools listened to the countless requests from students who wanted to stay home and decided to move forward with hybrid learning. However, hybrid learning will only be offered to both public and charter schools that are high-performing. Hybrid learning offers students the option to take 3 classes from a set list, plus their other 3 classes from a list of their choosing. Then, every third day they stay home. Staying home will, however, not consist of relaxing and doing as you please, but virtual learning instead.

   Many underclassmen have slowly begun to hear the whispers and rumors of the new hybrid learning option next year. Junior Mia Hernandez explains, “I’m going to do the new virtual learning because I would rather do at home learning than remain in school all day. I feel I focus more and I think it’s better for my grades.” The feelings remain consistent amongst almost all students: the excitement to learn from home once again is on full display. 

   The hybrid learning plan will include 3 different class bundles for solely freshman and seniors. These class bundles were created by Mr. Bayer and Mrs. Fernandez. Mrs. Fernandez explains, “I met with 100 kids in February planning summer dual enrollment and senior schedules. We created these options because these classes were common among the students.” Freshmen will have the choice of taking algebra, geometry, or english 1. For seniors there will be two different options: either AP Environmental Science, Dual Enrollment Literature 2000/2110, and AP Government, or Statistics Honors, Forensics Honors, and Government Honors. If students choose hybrid learning, they are required, with either option, to take all 3 classes. 

   For seniors, this new option for classes is a late addition. Many seniors are already taking the set of 3 classes but are learning solely in person, without the option to learn from home. Senior Domenic Lacayo states, “This year I’m taking Statistics Honors, Forensics Honors and Government Honors. I think it’s too bad that hybrid learning is going to start being an option once I leave, because I would’ve been able to do that this year.” It’s not new for things to be added to Charter once the upperclassmen leave; it’s destined to happen with such fast-changing times.

   With this hybrid learning plan only going into effect for the first time next year, the choice to partake in hybrid learning will be limited to freshmen and seniors. This decision to limit the classes of students who can participate is meant to urge the under represented and under performing people to step up. Those who step up will allow for the hybrid learning option to be extended to other grade levels and more classes, according to Principal Bayer.

   Principal Bayer explains, “We were approved for this option as we’re a high performing Charter school. Two weeks ago we decided and were approved for the blended learning option”. He also explained how this initiative will be funded for 2 years, and possibly more, depending on how well the school performs. Mrs.Fernandez believes the blended learning option will be a positive addition to the school as “It’ll reduce discipline, increase academic performance, and cater to other people’s learning needs”. Overall, it was agreed between Mr.Bayer and Mrs. Fernandez that this new learning environment was going to be a hit.

   With the classes set for next year, so are the teachers who will be teaching through hybrid learning. These teachers include Hyacinth, Ramos, Annis, Larmony, and Dr. Phillips. 

   One thing’s for certain next year: hybrid learning will be a hit for underclassmen. However, it will also be a test run that may set a precedent for the upcoming years. Who knows what new classes may be offered virtually. Do you have any requests?