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Dylan Padron

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Taking a Peek at Pep Rally

   Springtime will not only warm the air around us, but also the Jaguar spirit inside of us! The highly anticipated and beloved pep rally is set to return on March 11th at 6 P.M.! 

   “It will be a fun and memorable event with lots of games, performances, and even special announcements!” exclaims Camila Correa, SGA’s third vice president and member of the association’s Pep Rally Committee. 

   Students should expect astounding performances by the fan-favored Latin Dance and Fashion Club, as well as the Bollywood Dance Team, Dance Marathon, Cheer, and a few other clubs. Unlike fall’s pep rally, this one will host athletes competing in the springboys and girls basketball, soccer, baseball, water polo, track, tennis, and flag football. 

   “Another difference is our readiness,” Correa says. “It’ll be more organized and entertaining, as we’ve figured out what we should and shouldn’t do at pep rallies.” She mentions that for many SGA members, the fall pep rally was their very first pep rally organized. Furthermore, it was the first to be held outdoors and at night. “We learned LOTS from that one.” 

   Jags around campus want spring’s pep rally to be their firsts. “I didn’t go to the fall pep rally because I wasn’t reminded enough,” sophomore Nicholas Rodriguez says. “I’ll likely attend this coming one because I’ve never been to a pep rally and I want to experience something new.” 

   For junior Chelsea Ugwuozor, the timing of the fall pep rally was just inconvenient. “The pep rally being after school made it hard to attend. Not only that, but the tickets sold out really fast,” she says. This time, she plans to come out with some friends to cheer on her fellow Jags and, most notably, her sister. “My sister is on the track team,” she excitedly says, “so I can’t wait to see her perform.” Chelsea plans on purchasing a ticket as soon as she can to also watch her personal favoritesthe cheer and band teamsperform. 

   On the topic of tickets, sales went live on February 14th for five dollars on GoFan. They are scheduled to close March 11th, so make your decision soon!

   Like Chelsea, Sophomore Isabella Ortiz also intends on securing a spot. “I went to the previous pep rally, and I would definitely go again to support my friends on the cheer and dance team. It was too fun watching them perform, doing cool stunts and all,” she says, proud of them. 

   Speaking of the dance team, they are just one of many clubs practicing incredibly diligently to wow their crowd. “We have four days of practice a week,” says Junior Madison Nicolas, the Dance Team Manager. “Each captain teaches their dances, goes over every move, and cleans them up until they’re perfect.” The dance team designates the week before pep rally as a period of extra work, dubbed “Hell Week”. Hell Week works on the team’s stamina in order to carry out their performances with ease. They do workouts and workshops while simultaneously creating a team bonding experience they all enjoy. “We are so ready for the crowd and cannot wait to show everyone what we have been working so very hard on!” an eager Madison says.

   As the date arrives sooner, SGA continues to prepare for the big event. “We do have a few surprises planned,” Camila notes. “But I have promised secrecy! Just make sure to keep your eyes open for a special show from guest performers and an announcement from another special guest that is truly heartwarming.” Before long, students will once again experience a rush of Jaguar pride that will make a great nightthrough long practices, hard work, and, of course, the viewerseven more spectacular!


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