The Commentary of the Jackson Documentary


Graphic by: Mariana Riano

Cariana Pou, Staff Writer

   As many may know her, there are some who don’t. The famous singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer Janet Jackson has been brought to the stage of documentaries. A four hour long film that can be listened to on apps such as youtube, spotify, pandora, and more; but even streamed on hulu+ and sling. A general idea of what it is, Janet Jackson is telling her life story on her own, no opinions or ideas from other people; she discusses problems that have been brought up about her family, and gives an explanation for the Super Bowl halftime show back in 2004. It was her way of clearing the air and setting the facts straight, she claims that “It’s just something that needs to be done.”in her three minute trailer. This then gives an explanation as to the long process that went along with the making of it. Both her and her brother (Randy Jackson) were executive producers and the director was Ben Hirsch, this documentary was four hours long but fit about five years worth of information and to top it all off it was released on the 40th anniversary of Janet’s self titled debut. 

   Without any spoiling here is what junior Omar Samuel had to say about the documentary, “It opened my eyes and showed me how rumors affect people, that it happens to everyone and it is brushed off as anything nowadays.” Janet mentions the halftime show in 2004, this is when she performed with Justin Timberlake and it was said to be a wardrobe malfunction on her part but the main disturbance was how easily he got away with it vs the consequences she faced. She continuously explains herself and comes forward with true feelings of the situation throughout the whole time. That may sound boring but it was quite interesting especially as she brought special guest; Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, Tyler Perry, Ciara, Teyana Taylor, and many more people. Some individuals don’t understand how interesting it can be to finally get answers about the mysterious Janet Jackson but the 3 million viewers sure got the big picture.

   The execution of grabbing people’s attention and keeping the documentary honest was apprehended. Natalia Nunez, a 10th grader who watched the film, really enjoyed it. She said, “I wish more people thought of this idea and could hit the mark the way she did, it was enjoyable to watch and be able to understand the actual feelings she had.” Typical Janet Jackson doing great things as usual, the documentary was a teen hit and kept the audience intuitive.