Who Cares? Rex Orange County’s Stop at Florida


Graphic by: Megan Ingram

Sophia Lopez, Staff Writer

   Today, you open up your social media account and view your friends’ stories. If you find a young brunette man with a trimmed beard and distinctive gap-toothed grin looking back at you, chances are you might be eyeing the rising artist Rex Orange County. 

   Both his music and unique persona have gone viral on TikTok, and helped him gain a wider audience range. With a vibrant musical imagination, his ability to switch styles from the “sun-baked South-London soul-pop of [his song] Loving is Easy,” to the “bossa nova glee of [his album] Apricot Princess” makes him wonderfully unpredictable. 

   Senior Megan Long at Pembroke Pines Charter High School attests listening to him throughout her high school years. “I love listening to his music to feel better and jam out. I went to a concert of his just before quarantine started and it was one of the best nights of my life!” 

   His most recent album Pony in 2019, left fans yearning for more songs with his signature raspy voice. “I tell people to listen to him on a daily basis because I know how anyone could like him,” Long says enthusiastically, “He’s one of my favorite artists!”  

   Rex Orange County used the stretched out months of both 2020 and 2021 to start and finish new projects. Like many others in the music industry, 2022 proved to be a promising year for production. 

   On January 26, Rex released his upbeat single KEEP IT UP, along with a formal announcement about his new album Who Cares? available this year on March 11th.  

His newer song, AMAZING, featuring a heartwarming puppet themed video, came out on February 14th in honor of Valentine’s Day. 


   Once his world tour was declared, the race for concert tickets began. His first stop on the world tour will bring him to Florida on May 4th at the FPL Solar Amphitheater in Miami. Closely following, he will perform at the Saint Augustine Amphitheater on May 6th. 

   Sophomore Kimberly Navarro is counting down the days until his Miami concert. “I started listening to him when my sister and her friends would put his songs in the car. When I was discovering my own music taste, I leaned towards Rex and his kind of music– My favorite song by him is belly (grass edition),” she pauses and smiles, “ Now I’ll see him live in May with my sister and her friends.” 

   Awaiting both the album and concert experience,  Rex Orange County fans are sure the upcoming months will be nothing less than AMAZING.