Behind the Scenes: The BSU Showcase


Donated by Yearbook Staff

Kara Warren, Staff Writer

   Though February is known for love and sweetness, it’s also an important time to celebrate the culture and contributions of the African-American community. To appreciate the additions made to the music and fashion industries, and the developments within the art community. Although the appropriate recognition isn’t always given, some of these creations include your everyday items; including traffic lights and even your favorite potato chips. PPCHS’s very own BSU hosts the annual BSU Showcase, where students are able to commemorate the accomplishments of the black community with the rest of the student body. 

   BSU president, Melissa Lewis, announced this year’s showcase theme: Only Time Will Tell. The showcase invites all clubs and organizations in and outside our school to celebrate the performances of our school’s African-American students. Melissa mentioned, “The performances range from instrumental, spoken words, dance performances, step team, and our members are performing skits that they have been working hard on. We have a lot of talent from the black community at charter that will pull off an amazing night!” The event will be held February 24 at 6:30 pm on campus.

   The showcase is such a long PPCHS tradition that it was even successfully put together during the pandemic. “Even though the showcase may come off as a competition, it’s more of a means of celebration rather than a competition. For several years, we’ve spent a lot of time focusing on ways we can benefit our community and we’ve found many talented students every time.”

   Lady-Zuriel Ayebah, a sophomore and returning member of BSU, is looking forward to all the performances that’re planned for the event. “This is my first BSU showcase that I will be a part of so I’m really excited to be a part of it and contribute. I will be participating this year in the step performance, along with a skit created by the BSU organization.”

   Lady has admitted that the showcase allows her to gain more pride and confidence in who she is. “Being raised black has shown me that so many people will hate you for who you are. Which is why I’m so thankful for Black History Month! It gives us all the opportunities to celebrate who we are, our cultures and recognize the many black leaders who’ve helped to get us to where we are today.” 

   Even though there is so much to be expected from this year’s showcase, there are a few surprises in store for the audience. With new students this year, comes more creativity and anticipation for this year’s displays. So stay tuned for more singing, dance performances, poem reciting, and so much more than you could ever imagine!