To Love or to Not?: What Jags Have To Say About Valentine’s Day


Graphic by Megan Ingram

Savannah Searcy, Social Media Editor

   Attention jags: love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is officially here and in full swing. A lot of Jags are spending the day with their significant others, and for the rest of our Jags, not so much. However, they’re still enjoying some of their favorite valentine traditions! Here are what some Jags have to say about celebrating Valentine’s Day this year!

   “My favorite Valentine’s Day tradition would have to be the exchanging of the little love cards. I genuinely enjoy spreading love and joy to friends, family, and lover(s). I don’t know who I’m celebrating it with, but fingers crossed it’s my favorite white boy. If not, I’ll be home eating ice cream and watching romcoms.” -Senior Nailah Mesidor

  “I love expressing how much you love someone [and] being able to celebrate the relationship you have with them. It means a lot to me. I’m celebrating Valentine’s day with my boyfriend again. This year we are going to the zoo, going out to eat, maybe watching a movie, and painting or doing something fun together.”-Junior Elisa Ortuzar

   “The whole ‘giving more love than usual’ thing is alright. I personally don’t like the holiday itself, I don’t like overly affectionate people and things.” -Senior Kyvon Tatham

   “I don’t like [Valentine’s Day] very much. I usually watch movies and eat candy. I look forward to having an excuse to stay in.” -Freshman Rianna Glaze

   “I feel indifferent about the holiday. I’m celebrating with myself, and I don’t really look forward to anything.” -Junior Matthew Culmer

   “I love watching romcoms and spending quality time with the people I love. I look forward to giving gifts on Valentine’s Day, specifically roses for my friends, because my best friends do so much for me and deserve the world. I’m going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my two best friends.” -Sophomore Anaya Andre

   “My favorite [Valentine’s Day] tradition is to go out. I feel like the holiday is just a special day to show love to whoever it is. I definitely don’t look forward to the amount of money I’m gonna lose, and I will be celebrating by taking my girl to a nice restaurant.” -Senior Dominic Lacayo

   “I like [Valentine’s Day] a lot. I enjoy hanging out with the people I love, and I look forward to seeing my girlfriend.” -Freshman Hector Valero