Fighting for a Flawless Season

Lucas Giron, Social Media Editor

   Sabrina Araujo-Elorza brings the ball down on the top of the box, her back towards the opponent’s goal. She’s scanning the field trying to find a pass. She sees Leyla Molina open and gives her the ball, hoping she can keep the play alive. Without a second thought Leyla hits the ball first time. Everyone stops and watches as the ball soars into the top left corner of the goal. Pines Charter:1, St Thomas Aquinas:0. 

   This dramatic finale ended off the girls soccer varsity team’s regular season undefeated with 11 wins and 4 ties. This is the first time the team is undefeated in recent history, dating back up to twelve years. Captain of the team, Sabrina, expressed her emotions about the season, stating: “Obviously I’m very happy we were undefeated the entire season, but I do feel like the level of teams that we played weren’t especially hard. I feel like it will be a challenge to adjust to the level of teams that we will face in the playoffs, especially Archbishop. However, I’m hopeful we can do it and win”. 

   Despite Sabrina’s thoughts, the team did face off against highly competitive teams such as Cypress Bay, Western, and St. Thomas, winning against all three. With the record they ended with, it boosted the team to the number fourth team in Florida’s class of 5A and number twenty-four in the whole state of Florida. This is a major upgrade from last year when the team was ranked seventy-sixth in Florida and thirteenth in the class of 5A. Key sophomore, Riley Ahearn, tells us what was done throughout the season that led the team to receive these standings: “Throughout the entire season we had one goal in mind: to win districts. We worked hard and took practice seriously. I feel like our hard work in practice really showed off in our games, especially against those big teams like Cypress Bay”. 

   The girls’ season is still not over and shouldn’t be anytime soon. They continue onto district playoffs where they are the first seed and get a first round bye. They will face Hollywood Hills High School in the district semi-finals on January 31st.

   Their rivals, Archbishop McCarthy, are on the other side of the bracket. McCarthy has been a powerhouse in recent years, having made state finals for the past 2 years. This season they enter their semi-final with a record of twelve wins and four losses. If both teams win their games, they will face off in district finals which would be the third time in a row.  

   No matter the outcome of the playoffs, this season has been one for the history books and the team looks to strive to keep their perfect season alive. Yet, the quest for their first state ring is alive and well for the Lady Jags.