Bubble Tea Sets the Bar for Sweet Drinks


Photo by Natali Brito

Rebekah Barrera, Staff Writer

     The sweet deliciousness of the tea, the cool touch of its ice, and the chewiness of the tapioca all at once — ahh, the perfect sip. As the drink runs its course through your body, relief sets in and a certain new energy follows suit. Finally, you understand why drinks as good as these are called liquid refreshments.

     Any given day of mine can be made with bubble tea. From its unique flavors and textures to the refreshment you feel afterwards, it’s just not a treat to give up. Sure, the classic hot cocoa is a close runner up in the realm of sweet drinks, with its rich chocolate and warm comfort it brings. Once you try boba, however, you’ll find that it’s a game changer, and truly nothing can compare.

     For one thing, you’re bound to find a tea you like as boba encompasses an entire variety of distinct flavors to choose from — as sophomore and so-called boba enthusiast Natalie Tsung says, “one to suit every taste.” For those who like more flavorful, creamy drinks, you can discover the milk tea of your taste (like brown sugar milk tea or taro milk tea); and for those wanting a more fresh feel, you can find something in the fruit teas (like peach green tea or passion fruit tea). You’re given the chance to experiment possibility after possibility, so it never gets boring. With hot cocoa, however, the same can’t be said. The one and only flavor you always taste is said right there in its name: chocolate.

     But wait, there’s more. Not only is there a broad range of flavors of bubble tea, but there are many add-ins to personalize your drink as well. Be it regular tapioca pearls, popping boba, or jelly (which all do, indeed, also come in different flavors), you’re in for a treat. The new textures make the tea fun to drink, but rather than intensifying the sweetness, it actually balances it out. Sophomore Morgan Taylor, another fan of bubble tea, describes it perfectly: “I like the fact that you’re getting it all at once. Of course, marshmallows and whatnot are in hot chocolate, but it all melts into one big hot heap.”

     And the only time this “big hot heap” is mouthwatering is usually the wintertime for us Floridians, which is exactly the problem. Bubble tea is perfect for any time of the year: it can be a refreshing summer beverage for the warmer days, or just something you crave on a cold day. Sophomore Carlos Montesdeoca notes this also, explaining how “[he] feel[s] like hot chocolate fits Christmas vibes or cooler weather… but you can drink boba whenever.” Still, even when it’s freezing outside and something’s needed to warm your body, you can always break out a regular hot tea to heal your chills.

     So if you want a sweet drink, it’s better to raise a glass to bubble tea. It’s flexible, it’s flavorful, and it’s fun to drink. Whether it be hot or cold, fruit tea or milk tea, or tapioca pearls or jelly, you’re sure to find your own cup of tea.