Marvel’s Dark Hero Moon Knight Arrives


Graphic by Colin Alfonso

Joshua Lasarte, Enterprise Editor

   Marvel absolutely dominated 2021 with their movie and show releases, and they hope to continue that success through 2022. Months after a teaser trailer was released, Marvel finally put out a two minute trailer during a NFL Wild Card matchup for their new Disney+ show Moon Knight starring Oscar Isaac. The show will release March 30 and will be six episodes long.

   Moon Knight is supposed to be Marvel’s response to Batman and will feature Oscar Isaac playing the multiple personalities of Moon Knight. The character Moon Knight suffers from a sleeping disorder and dissociative identity disorder so the identities that have been shown in the trailer have been Marc Spector, a former marine and mercenary in the comics, and Steven Grant, a museum gift shop employee. The trailer follows Oscar Isaac in the personality of Steven Grant through his daily life battling his disorder. 

   The trailer shows Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant who gets memories from another life and suffers from blackouts. In those blackouts that is where he discovers his other identity, Marc Spector, and that’s when both of their enemies start to come after them. While still trying to battle their very different personalities, they are thrown into a mystery among the Gods of Egypt that turned deadly. The trailer also shows the rumored villain of the show Arthur Harrow, a cult leader played by Ethan Hawke.

   In the comics, Marc Spector is left to die in Egypt but he collapses in front of the statue of Khonshu, the Egyptian moon God, who resurrected him and gave him his powers. The trailer showed him suit up in a more supernatural way than he does in the comics and included a possible werewolf getting beat by Moon Knight. This show is helping set up a more supernatural MCU with teases of Blade in the Eternals movie, rumors of Dracula, and the new Morbius movie. 

   The new phase of Marvel has shown hints of having dark mental health aspects like the PTSD Tony Stark has, Thor and Wanda with depression, and Moon Knight with his disorders. This show is supposed to introduce a dark superhero into the MCU. Senior Gabriel Lafontant said, “It’s gonna be one of the best TV shows of the year!” The excitement building around this show has been so great because of how different it is from normal Marvel products. “Embrace the Chaos” March 30 when this highly anticipated project will hit streaming.