Love is in the Air at Pines Charter


Graphic by Gabriel Medina

Sophia Lopez, Staff Writer

   With candy and flower businesses already pushing out their ads, the colors pink and red becoming more frequently spotted, and valentine exchanges being planned, February will be welcomed with open arms. Even though Pembroke Pines Charter High School long ago outgrew colorful boxes and buying class sets of themed cards to pass around, the upcoming Valentine’s Day holds a unique meaning to different members of the school body. 

   Sophomore Valeria Mesa is looking forward to spending her   first Valentine’s day with her partner. “I want to purchase a gram so a Choir member can sing to him; he caught me off guard with a Christmas gram last year,” she said with a smile, “now it’s his turn to be surprised.”   

   For those who don’t have a valentine this year, hanging out with friends or family can be a very fulfilling alternative. Romance is a primal focus, but the day also includes those treasured platonic relationships that help to push through the rest of the year. An alternative version called “Galentines” serves as a platonic celebration among girls, to enjoy female friendship with their “gals.” 

   Sophomore Giuliana Mudryj has her own circle of friends that she greatly values. “Although we haven’t made plans yet, if I were to celebrate with a couple of my friends we would go somewhere that we all enjoy… like the park for a picnic.” 

   Mrs. Rudd, who teaches AICE International History, will soon begin preparations for a special family tradition. “I’m in charge of making a special meal my late aunt used to make every year, and I buy little treats for my kids to enjoy.”

   Even those who prefer to stay free on the 14th can find solace in their own company.  Junior Joshua Blackwood will treat February 14th like any other day. 

   “I’ll show up to school and then go home. That’s it. I’ll sit in my bed and watch Netflix,” he says with a shrug, “I don’t really care about all the other love stuff,  that’s enough for me.” 

   Valentine’s Day will fall on a Monday this year.