Finally Welcoming Winter in Florida


Graphic by Viviana Muñoz

Nicole Llanes, Editor in Chief

   Floridians, your time has come to dig those furry, big winter coats out from the back of your closets. Make sure you have your gloves, scarves and all things warm this weekend, because a true winter has finally arrived in Florida!

   Currently, in Canada, there is a high-racing jetstream that is taking a slide into South Florida this weekend. Temperatures, that have rarely been seen in South Florida, will be as low as the 30s near Lake Okeechobee, and up to the 40s in other areas. There will also be extreme wind chill temperatures in the 20s in certain parts of South Florida. These temperatures could have Floridians experiencing record low temperatures.

   Cold shelters are being opened in preparation for individuals that do not have adequate access to heat. It is also being recommended that crops that are cold-vulnerable are covered as there will be widespread frost and freezing conditions all throughout the weekend (Florida Public Radio Emergency Network).

   For senior Isabella Rodriguez, these temperatures are a dream, she states, “I’ve always loved the cold and travel out of state all the time to experience it. So, finally having it at home will be great!” She plans on having friends over and sitting outside to watch movies while roasting s’mores and drinking hot chocolate. 

   These plans are the same for many students at Charter, whereas for others, their plans consist of staying as far away from the outside as possible. Sophomore Sabrina Rodriguez explains, “When I heard how cold it was going to be this weekend I wanted to cry. I’ll be spending this weekend in my bed under 5 blankets happily and warm”. The cold just isn’t for everyone…

   These temperatures are here to stay, at least for a little longer. Another cold front came Sunday night and will last through the rest of the week. Regardless of what your plans are for this unexpected winter weather make sure to stay safe, warm, and have fun!