Biden Plummets in the Polls


Graphic by Megan Ingram

Joshua Lasarte, Enterprise Editor

 After receiving a historic amount of votes in the presidential election, President Joe Biden has received lots of criticism from people who believe that he isn’t doing what he promised. The biggest issue that people have had during his leadership is the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and lackluster job reports. Another major source of backlash Biden has received is from people who believe he lied and hasn’t kept his campaign promises.

   With lots of disapproval towards Biden, it has affected democrats in elections including a loss in the Virginia governor race and an unexpectedly narrow win in New Jersey. In December of 2021, republicans held at least a 10% lead in generic polls according to CNBC (, but as of January 2022, that lead has been cut down. Senior Harman Cambow said, “It’s crazy what’s happened especially after how happy people were when he was elected.” Even with democrats gaining edge in the generic polls, Biden still sits at an abysmal 40% approval rating. In an even more shocking poll, 62% of responders don’t believe Biden is a strong leader according to Biden has experienced an approval rating lower than former President Trump in his final months. 

   There has been outrage from millions of people about President Biden’s handling of the pandemic spanning from mandates to lack of a plan. Junior Owen Galvin said, “It’s not surprising his rating went down.” While lots of people support the vaccine, they don’t support mandating it especially when it has caused thousands of people to quit their jobs. During his campaign he routinely talked about his big plan to control the pandemic, but people believe he has no plan because of the lack of effectiveness he has had on stopping the pandemic. 

   Apart from the pandemic, the biggest failure of Biden’s presidency was the Afghanistan withdrawal. After a botched withdrawal, the US military left almost $80 billion of military equipment with hundreds of American citizens and allies stranded. The biggest controversy from the withdrawal was when 13 US soldiers were killed in a bombing attack. Many pointed the blame at Biden and were outraged with the lack of responsibility he was taking.

   President Biden has had a short presidency filled with wild rumors and harsh criticism over everything he does. Every problem in the United States has been blamed on Biden and many are pointing the blame finger solely on him. Rising gas prices, inflation, a supply chain issue, botched military withdrawal, and lack of fulfilled campaign promises are just the problems from his first year as president.