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Changing Things Up: From Mr. Jag to ”Ultimate Jag”

January 14, 2022


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Graphic by: Megan Bilecki

   For as long as Charter’s staff and students can remember, the event once known as “Mr. Jag” has been one of the many annual events of the school year that many people look forward to.

   Filled with games, competitions, and different performances, senior contestants have upheld the standards of their audience every year, putting on a great show for each other and all those who come to watch.

   Unfortunately, these entertaining segments that the entirety of Mr. Jag was known for had been postponed the last two school years due to the pandemic.

   Now known as “Ultimate Jag,” the event will finally resume this school year as in-person learning continues.

   When it was first announced that the event would now be known as “Ultimate Jag,” many students were confused as to why that was.

  “Essentially we wanted to keep up with the tradition of the highly loved event, Mr. Jag, but also allow for it to grow and evolve,” says senior Alis Henry.

   Alis is SGA’s senior senator, and is in charge of running Ultimate Jag this year. According to Alis, the purpose of renaming the event “Ultimate Jag” is to be overall more inclusive to everyone, and not just men.

   “After brainstorming, we decided on the new name, Ultimate Jag. Including other genders creates inclusivity and gets more seniors involved in the event, not just the senior boys. We wanted to create one event that all seniors would enjoy,” says Alis.

   Overall, everyone seems excited to see what will become of Ultimate Jag. Make sure to buy your tickets when the time comes, and step out to watch the show on February 1st!


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