Attention Jags’ Exciting New Electives & Alternatives!


Graphic by Megan Bilecki

Graphic by Megan Bilecki

Samantha Miragliotta, FEATURES EDITOR

   There are various different electives that every student has the possibility of taking. In case you are unaware of some of our electives and alternatives at PPCHS, below is an in depth explanation of those electives. Additionally, if you are unsure of which elective that you wish to take next year here is some advice and quick tips on everything you need to know about electives.

   Recently the school has proposed several new electives such as Women’s Studies, Marketing, Business, and so on. Including these new additions, there are many more choices for electives that PPCHS has to offer. Junior Reef Ostendorf expresses after making the choice to choose women’s studies that “the decision to take women’s studies was one of the best she’s ever made! The course is a great opportunity to learn more about women’s history, politics, and culture.  It’s very engaging and hands-on!” If you feel like you’re in between which courses that you’re interested in or unsure whether they would make a great fit for you this is the story for you. As well as some first hand experiences about some of these electives and why you should take them.

   Finding the right elective can seem difficult but the trick is finding something that sparks your interests and that you know you will enjoy. For instance, a few of these electives are Spanish, Business, Band, Pottery, Journalism, Newspaper, Yearbook, Women’s Studies, Leadership, Forensic, Web Design, Physical Education, ASL, Psychology and Theater, the list is endless with so many options to choose from. Senior Jaden Calveiro in his second year of Theatre exclaims, “Theater is very fun and allows you to do things that puts you out of your comfort zone. Also, I love the environment of the class. Everyone is very supportive including my teacher Ms. Sanford who always pushes all of us to do our absolute best. I suggest theatre to anyone that wants to break out of their shells and who love performing!” Like Jaden you can find a course that suits your interests! Similarly, senior Deban Nova expresses, “Psychology has quickly become one of the best courses I have taken and has changed my perspective for the better on social understanding and interaction. I have learned lots of different methods to help people. Mr. Garcia is the teacher for this elective and he’s amazing! If you end up taking his class you won’t be disappointed, it’s awesome!” Finding an elective for you can change your outlook on school and even change your life for the better. 

   After making a tough decision on which elective to choose coming into high school, freshman Leah Miragliotta in her first year in Web Design says, “I really enjoy the elective Web Design. We learn how to design graphics and use adobe scan to edit photos. I learn something new every single day!” Overall, these new elective courses and several alternatives to choose from and provide opportunities to learn from as a student.

   Having an elective course is a great way to provide yourself with something to look forward to learning, growing, and having some fun at school.