Jag Pride: Mr. Curry, A Natural Leader


Graphic by: Megan Ingram

Sophia Lopez, Staff Writer

   Sophomore Camila Correa shuffles through the crowded hallways of the U Building. Today is an odd block; she mentally prepares herself for the day ahead while stifling the yawns behind her mask. Upon reaching her classroom, she plops into her seat with a sigh as she waits for her friends to arrive and for her teacher, Mr. Curry, to begin speaking. Correa greatly enjoys the vibes the Leadership class brings into her mornings. “Mr. Curry gets me ready for the day,” she claims, “he’s very enthusiastic and wakes us all up.”

   Curry began his teaching career in 2006, despite not going to university until he was 29. He gained experience by teaching in Everglades High School and Miramar High School before joining the Pembroke Pines Charter High School staff. Currently, he teaches A Level AICE US History, as well as the Leadership class.

   A Level US History deals with the events based on the Cold War era of American history, between 1945 to 1991. This class meticulously examines social, political, and economic factors of the period; finalizing in two end of year Cambridge exams in May. With double the rigor compared to the AS Level History, the proper retention of information by the students is vital. 

   Junior Rania Mourad is currently a student in his US History 3rd period. She finds herself engaged in the class, on account of Mr. Curry’s teaching style. Mourad states that “he’s very passionate about the topics he speaks about, with such energy and enthusiasm. He adds in a lot of elaboration, making it more interesting to hear what he has to teach.”  Opinions like Mourad’s reinforce Mr. Curry’s enjoyment in what he does. “What makes teaching special to me is the relationship that I develop with my students,” Curry states, “The feedback that I receive from the students makes the job rewarding.” 

   Besides being a social studies teacher, he is also head of the Leadership Class and Student Government Association club. Leadership is a high-gear class that juggles planning school events, meeting with Mr. Bayer to discuss ideas, and organizing the class into project committees. These committees then execute a detailed project plan to ensure success. The primitive objective is for students to manage a project and gain leadership skills through experience. 

   While all students in Leadership are in the SGA club, not all SGA members are in the Leadership class. The club has slightly less participation in projects, but still requires consistent meeting attendance and involvement to earn the required hours. Camila is the 3rd Vice President of SGA and ensures meetings are productive and run smoothly. 

   Homecoming is the biggest event of the year for the SGA, in planning, effort, and labor. The planning begins in April, and Mr. Curry ensures the different committees involved are all actively communicating with each other and meeting the due dates. Mr. Curry explains, “I help advise the SGA officers and members on the best course of action,” and “inform them of rules and possible restrictions, and to be “the adult in the room.” Correa reflects on her experience in planning Homecoming 2021. “It wouldn’t be the same without Mr. Curry. He’s an amazing leader, he knows what to ask of us, and you can tell he genuinely cares through all the effort and work he puts into it.”

   As someone acknowledged with a presence essential to school spirit,  Mr. Curry contemplates on how he keeps himself going. He expresses, “I do the best job that I can and give my all every day.  However, I am always looking for ways to improve and am not afraid of trying out new ideas.”  His students pick up these skills in his classroom. “It feels good to know that he genuinely cares about his students and the school. It moves me to do something for the school,” Correa finishes proudly, “which is why I love SGA so much.”