Jamming Into the New Year


Graphic by Mariana Riano

Kara Warren, Staff Writer

   2021: The year of music. From a broad range of artists and different genres, we scored 10 albums from artists such as Summer Walker, Drake, Taylor Swift and more. And along with their new music we got to experience live performances from Doja Cat, Willow Smith, Playboi Carti and Tyler the Creator. Though expectations were exceeded in the past year, fans are still awaiting new music from several other artists this upcoming year. And even though the new Omicron variant has already made 2022 difficult for large gatherings, fans have plenty of hope that things will ease up and allow for concerts to resume this year!

Mckenna Gregory (freshman): “The Weeknd’s album is dropping soon and I’m just really excited for that one. He’s usually so creative with his album design covers and production, so I couldn’t be more ready to see what his next era brings.”

Zoe Porcia (freshman): “I’m definitely looking forward to Mitski’s upcoming album in February: Laurel Hell, and ENHYPEN’s release: Dimension Answer.

Alejandra Alcerro (freshman): “I thought some game-changing albums were dropped in 2021, but in 2022, I’m looking forward to Earl Sweatshirt and Kendrick Lamar’s albums.”

Sonia Ally (sophomore): “This year I’m mainly looking forward to Kendrick Lamar’s album, after he hinted at its release last year; and even though he won’t be performing live, he’s performing at the Super bowl, so I’m excited.”

Amogh Baranwal (sophomore): “With all the music she’s been releasing lately, I really just want SZA to release her album… especially since she was supposed to last year. Her last few drops, “I Hate U” and snippets online are so good, I just hope she releases them all soon.”

Gavin Poore (sophomore): “All I really want this year is an album from SZA or Lil Uzi. Dream come true.”

Keira Tejada (sophomore): “I’m most excited for the Weeknd’s new album, Dawn fm. The last album he produced was so good and I’m excited to see what he has in store for 2022. And even though I don’t want it to be true, I’m wondering if this is going to be his last album.”

Shivraj Singh (sophomore): “Rex Orange County told us we’d be getting his album last year and we never did, so this year I really hope he releases what we’ve been waiting for. Lately he’s been posting hints about it on Twitter and Instagram, so hopefully he plans on dropping it soon.”

Isabella Cely-Garcia (sophomore): “You know, it’s been forever, but I really do think 2022 will be the year Rihanna finally drops an album. And I could not be more ready.”

Chanell Thomas (junior): “I’m really looking forward to BTS’ new album this year. They haven’t completely confirmed it but it’s been well over a year since their last album, which is the longest gap they’ve had. They’ve been telling us very little about it for a while now and I’m just really excited to see what it’s gonna be like. I think it’ll be huge!

Meggan Martin (junior): “I’m looking forward to Bad Bunny’s, Rihanna’s, the Weeknd’s, and MGK’s. I hope this year of music is just as good as 2021.”

Crystal Matthie (senior): “I think Machine Gun Kelly and the Weeknd are supposed to be dropping soon, I’m really excited for those and hopefully they don’t disappoint my already high expectations.”

Austin Mathew (senior): “I’m most excited for Kendrick Lamar’s album, just cause it’s been almost 3 years since we got a whole new album from him. He posted a hint about it on Twitter late last year, and I just hope he comes through with his promise to release it, and maybe even perform a few songs at the Super bowl.”

Rasika Siram (junior): “I’m mostly looking forward to the Weeknd’s new album, and it’s coming out pretty soon so it should be a good start to 2022’s lineup.”