Are New Year’s Resolutions Beneficial, or are They Just Pointless


Graphic by: Megan Ingram

Alexandria Williams, STAFF WRITER

   A very common tradition that most people do at the beginning of the year is set New Year’s Resolutions. These are goals that you set at the beginning of the year that most people follow through throughout the year. Although New Year’s resolutions are encouraged and sometimes work, other times they don’t.

   New Year’s resolutions can help those who feel that they need to improve their lifestyle which can benefit them in many ways. New Year’s resolutions usually give hope to others and encourage them to do better, being a form of optimism that can help improve your mental and physical health. New Year’s resolutions also help those who procrastinate, become more responsible and focused, and help others have a fresh start and begin to improve things that were bad the year before. Resolutions can also improve your wealth, as well as promote self esteem and empowerment. This results in them being very successful for people who like to set goals for themselves.

   Although New Year’s resolutions are recommended and very beneficial, sometimes they just don’t work. When making New Year’s resolutions, some people don’t follow through with these goals.  They’ll often feed into procrastination, which will cause them to forget all about their personal goals. Due to them procrastinating, the goals never get accomplished. They also tend to create a lot of pressure on others, since it makes people feel that they have to fulfill the goals they have set for themselves. And when many people set New Year’s resolutions, many of them realize later that they are not ready to change, for example, many people say they want to go to the gym and get into shape, but at the same time, they are not ready to start that goal or even achieve it.


  The overall answer to this question is that New Year’s resolutions are pointless, they don’t help nor do they encourage others to complete their goals. The reason being is that many people may say they have these goals for the New Year but they aren’t ready to make the necessary changes. For example, many people say they are going to eat healthier or they’re going to exercise more, but in the end, that doesn’t happen.  And as the year progresses, you will begin to forget each of those goals one by one. So, essentially resolutions are just a waste of time, they are just make-believe dreams. And in reality, you don’t need a New Years’ resolution to change things in your life, you can just do it because they overall just don’t motivate you.