Netflix’s Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) Comes to a Close


Graphic by Hugh Jazz

Savannah Searcy, Social Media Editor

  Since Netflix first started streaming Money Heist in December 2017, the show has had its audience on its feet for about four years now, and possibly still will for years to come.

   Money Heist, also referred to as La Casa De Papel, is now the number one show in the country on Netflix today. Part 5 of Money Heist is the show’s final season, which premiered on Netflix on Friday December 3rd.

   Fans of the show wasted no time getting back to binge watching their favorite series, quickly bumping up Money Heist to number one on Netflix’s “Top 10 in the U.S. Today” list of the top series and movies that are streamed on their platform.

   Senior Samanta Brinceno is a big fan of the show, and has been watching since its beginning. The eye-gluing, action filled series allows Samanta to connect with the show on different personal levels.

   “I personally watch the show in Spanish as it is originally filmed and I love it,” Samanta says. “As a venezuelan, I love hearing how Spanish is spoken in other countries. In this show, the actors are from Spain and their accent and phrases are very different from other South American countries.”

   Samanta also says that watching the show gives her a nice escape from reality.

   “I genuinely love shows like La Casa De Papel. They truly distract you from your day to day life and problems and give your brain time to relax from your usual activities.”

   It is interesting to see how many students have kept up with the show and their strong feelings about Money Heist as a whole.

   “La Casa De Papel is just simply the best show on Netflix,” says senior Odaris Mercado. “I’m not biased, it’s just a fact.”

   Money Heist is a show full of twists and turns that knows how to keep its fans hooked and leave them eager for more.

   Unfortunately, with Part 5 being the last season of the show, the fans of Money Heist have no choice but to sit back and enjoy the seasons that are already there.

   “I really wish there were more seasons coming,” Samanta says. “It is an amazing show.”

   Overall, it is impressive to see how far this series has come and the journey that it has taken its fans on with it. To most people’s sorrow, Money Heist has come to an end, but behind it has left many memories and moments to remember. Also, there is always the option to rewatch the show and relive the thrill!