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Jags’ Look On Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

  The Macy’s parade this year was unlike those from previous years, last year was a less exciting version of the parade since it had to be smaller. The parade was bigger and there was more to see this year without as many COVID restrictions. It had been a year since the downsized version of the parade during riskier COVID times. So, there was a lot of anticipation towards this year’s parade, since it would be the first one after COVID. Many students and their families took time to watch the parade throughout Thanksgiving. Freshman Natalia Solares says, “I really liked the Grinch float because of the way they put his dog on his back. I also saw all the hard work and time they put into making this parade the best it could be.” There was a lot of time and creativity put into the floats this year. Students also enjoyed watching the dancers coordinate with the themes of the floats. 

  The costumes and music choice this year really made this parade stand out from the rest, especially after quarantine. Junior Daniela Duran feels, “I thought the parade was amazing and the floats this year were great! The music really matched the energy.” Watching the parade was a fun way to spend time during Thanksgiving, and yet another way to bring the family together. Even if the parade was just being played as background noise, it still tied into the atmosphere. 

  Junior Lyndon Ochoa expressed, “It was amazing to see all the colors and I enjoyed watching everyone come together to watch the parade while eating Thanksgiving dinner.” Traditions like watching the Macy’s parade every year are a part of what makes Thanksgiving such a special time for families all across the country. 

   Being able to look forward to an amazing performance every year, whether you go in person or watch on TV, is a great addition to the holiday. Sophomore Jorge Cisneros shared, “It was great, the floats were really cool this year. My whole family enjoyed it and we had it playing throughout the day.” There were over 600 performers and over 25 floats at the parade this year and each took part in making the parade the best it could be. The floats were centered around popular movies and shows, which made the parade even more entertaining for viewers. The Boss Baby inflatable and Spongebob inflatable are two examples of popular characters making an appearance during the show. 

  When the parade was reduced last year, there was a gap put in between what most would spend their time doing on this holiday. Now that it’s back, many are thrilled to go back to their regular customs and have a normal Thanksgiving once again.


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