The Reopening of Santa’s Enchanted Forest: Worth the Hype?


Graphic by Jeinily Bencon

Cariana Pou, Staff Writer

   37 years of spreading the holiday fun with acrobats, magic shows, roller coaster rides, sweet and savory carnival food and beautiful Christmas lights, Santa’s Enchanted Forest is now open again. After closing in 2020 due to Covid-19, they’re back in business. They officially opened on November 4th at their new location in Hialeah. The world’s largest holiday theme park is one of the best places to go during the holiday season. Many kids go there over the Christmas break because it is a cute but fun way to hang out with friends. 

   The best time to go is when the night falls, the beautiful lighting on both the roller coasters and the games are so fun to look at and they go great for cute pictures. At the entrance there is a huge archway that is with bright lights, and on the border are eye-catching holiday decorations.Though that’s not even half of the fun sight seeing, as you walk through the amusement park you’ll see stands of different displays that are all interactive in a unique way and handcrafted. There are so many sights for sore eyes and it really brings the overall christmas spirit once you enter. 

   Of course what most people attend Santa’s Enchanted for is the rides and attractions. However, they have smaller rides for the people who prefer it but those that come for the thrill and exhilaration feeling can go on the bigger roller coasters. Luckily that isn’t all there is to do, from time to time shows are put on such as acrobats, motorcycle crossing and magic acts. To top it all off they have the original carnival games like the gun race and pop a balloon for a chance to win and go home with a prize. There are many more festive things to do such as face painting, rock climbing, and themed photo areas. Visiting this amusement park creates so many memories, it is definitely a top tier holiday fun spot. 

   All in all, Santa’s Enchanted Forest wouldn’t be Santa’s Enchanted Forest without the big man himself, Santa Claus.  He is always waiting to hear about children’s wish lists and taking photos for a memorable experience. With all the things to see and do, there wouldn’t be a single dull moment at this park, thankfully it is back up and running so now all the kids can enjoy and have a memorable experience.