Realism at its Finest: Sophomore Sophia Lopez Wins 2nd Place


Donated by Sophia Lopez

Valerie Questell, Clubs Editor

   Art is a language, a passion, a talent, and certainly a gift; hours of colors resulting in breathtaking masterpieces. Many students here at Charter are gifted with the ability to display emotion with a pencil and paper. Sophomore Sophia Lopez certainly has that talent; winning second place in the city of Pembroke Pines 2021 Art Competition. Her piece “Hunting”, consisted of a hawk with  naturalistic features such as the layer of feathers, the shine of beak, and pupils of the bird. 

   Art can be done by almost everyone, but it takes a while to master the realism of it. Sophia Lopez started drawing around 6th-7th grade but soon realized that it takes more commitment than ordinary “drawing”. Soon later, Lopez started taking art classes once a week, specifically on Fridays. Expectedly, she saved up for the best art materials to insinuate her portraits, leaving her with a signature finish of her 120 set of Prismacolor markers. Learning to tie emotion into her pieces, she became a perfectionist when it came to drawing and painting. Lopez developed  a conflicting relationship with art, bringing her down and also bringing her positivity at times. But she’s learned how to deal with different outcomes and gradual progression. 

   Everyone has an inspiration, and charter consisting of young intellectuals, most students have looked up their own role model. Lopez grew up being inspired by her mother who also has a talent in art. This encouraged Lopez to devote her time into her pieces, resulting in beautiful work. Another portrait that deserves recognition is her realistic drawing of a golden retriever. The detail of the fur, the vivid colors, and her depiction of realism can take her anywhere in life.