Top Podcasts to Become Sports Fanatics


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Gabriela Carvajal, Web Manager

   In the latest audial craze, podcasts have grown to be a primary platform for people to be  entertained or even informed. As the days grow shorter and filled with moments of freedom (after midterms at least), teenagers especially have been in search of an outlet to release their hot takes of the day. For sports fans the evolution of sharing their love of the sport has quite the extension from television, to radio, and now podcasts! With a plethora of stations to extend oneself to one will never be short of an opinion – especially when it comes to sports. 

   As a fellow sports fanatic here are my top FIVE shows:

No Dunks

   The Athletic presents a daily NBA podcast with a multitude of specialised content encompassing NBA, Survivor, and NFT fans all in one! Hosted by Canadians J.E Skeets and Tas Melas, American Trey Kerby, Australian Leigh Ellis, and super Canadian producer JD, listeners are satisfied with jokes and leaf blowers!. Beginning with its famous opening Good Morning Sweet World! the NBA community is quenched with a fresh perspective from foreigners who have a love for the sport with a side of experience 

   In being members of the podcast community for over a decade, the cast has built their reputation to be must watch material. From starting as the Basketball Jones, to earning their prime time start on NBA TV as The Starters, No Dunks has positioned itself as the most entertaining hour of one’s life. In fact, they have a wide range of content with Tweet of the Night, Rapid Fire Fun, Roast Beef (rebound appreciation moment), and so much more! In fact they incorporate their fans with their Beach Steppin episodes, reading emails/DMs/tweets. Be a part of the Stream Team and subscribe today as they record each morning at 10am on YouTube! Available everywhere you listen to podcasts!

The Athletic’s NBA Show

   Packed with a variety of views, the Athletic’s NBA show brings audience’s a refreshing take on the league’s latest headlines, rumors, and gossip. With a stacked lineup of basketball insiders, writers, and reporters from The Athletic comes out on a daily basis to discuss a day’s worth of juicy topics they bring to the listener more than just sports – rather an outlet showcasing the inner fan. Featuring a rotating lineup of hosts and associated shows one will never be short of a moment of fandom with days with the Basketball Buds and even Saturday Slam and Jam!

FOX Sports Undisputed w/ Skip and Shannon (F)

   Here come FOX Sports legends Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe bringing you the craziest views of sports… Every morning at 9:30, the duo discuss the biggest, trending sports stories. In priding itself as unscripted and unfiltered, they claim the gold with their passion for the league of discussion, filling the room with anticipation for a comeback. Check them out daily on your podcast platform today!

ESPN’s First Take (F)

   Known for its debates, ESPN brings a diverse set of views with popular veteran reporter Stephen A. Smith and a special guest of the day. With a rotating “opponent”, guests square up with Stephen in answering the burning questions of national sports, particularly the NFL and NBA. In reminding audiences who has the hottest take, mornings are filled with entertainment in loo of sports highlights and big takeaways to overnight action. With hosts like NFL analyst/former quarterback Dan Orlovsky and  NBA insiders Jay Williams and Marcus Spears, First Take is filled with a cast living and dying by their last statement. Take a listen and start learning the art of sports conversation today!

ESPN’s Get Up!

   Inspired by a set of friends hanging out, Get Up! starts the average American with an energizing take on the sports world briefly diving into each topic with poise and stimulating guests. Hosted by Mike Greenberg (Greenie), ESPN presents a number of ESPN analysts that bring a brisk perspective to the NBA, NFL, MLB and many other sports. With an in-depth analysis of the leagues and its subsequent players one will definitely learn a thing or two about something as its fun-filled, informative approach is just as effective as your breakfast.