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This Year’s Top 5 Holiday Gifts

December 7, 2021


Graphic by Viviana Munoz

Graphic by Viviana Munoz

  Days have grown shorter as night comes earlier, and the days have become a little chiller in South Florida. With the holiday season starting, many students have begun making their lists. The question this 2021 year is what are the best gifts and what’s everyone asking for? Here’s a list of the top 5 gift ideas to both receive and gift.

Squish Mellows

  The new craze this year is the soft and squishmallows pillow pals. These buddies come in different colors, sizes and themes. Just in time for the holiday season are Christmas themed squishmallows, such as elves, reindeers, christmas trees and so much more. Freshman Leah Miragliotta expresses, “I absolutely love squishmallows. They are just so soft and super comfy.  I also love how you can make collections and mix and match. They are just so much fun and make the best gifts!” This is a perfect addition to those already collecting these pillow pals or for someone to start their own collection!

Customized Tumblers & Waterbottles

  To help keep drinks chilled or hot both at school and in Florida’s heat, tumblers and water bottles are the way to stay cool for everyone. Now online, multiple businesses offer ways to personalize these tumblers and water bottles through different graphics, glitters, letters, and  more. Senior, Isabella Rodriguez, explained, “I got my first tumbler last year and ever since then I’ve gotten so many with different designs like my name or the show Grey’s Anatomy. I think they’re an amazing gift and super helpful at school.” Add this to your list to have an easy way to keep your drink fresh anywhere and on the go.

Film & Instant Cameras

  The late 1970’s are making a comeback as film and instant cameras are back in style! These cameras add a filter to photos that make them both unique and memorable. They can be used to capture everything, from the typical school day with friends to a once in a lifetime experience. With this on your list you’re sure to take countless and timeless photos with friends and family.

Charging Hub

  With so many electronic devices in today’s day and age, all the wires can get to be too much. They can get lost and take up a lot of space. The solution to these problems are charging hubs! They could charge multiple devices, like headphones, watches, phones, tablets, and so much more, all at once with one simple hub. Lyndon Ochoa, junior, expressed, “Getting a charging port has been a lifesaver. I always would lose my chargers or not have enough to charge all my stuff so it really helped me.” They don’t take up too much space and only require one wire to charge all ports. Some hubs are even wireless and come in a variety of colors with all the ports you may need. For a simple way to charge all your devices, a charging hub is the perfect gift to receive or give to anyone!


  With uniforms at Pembroke Pines Charter, it’s hard for students at times to find ways to express themselves. The answer to this problem is shoes! Shoes can be simple or elaborate with different designs, colors, and heights. For senior Matthew Lauriston, he chooses to express himself through his different shoes, or as he says his  “shoe game.” He has many pairs of yeezys, nikes, and crocs! Each a different color and a different mood. Add a little style to your uniforms this holiday season with shoes and step out a whole new person in 2022. 

  These gifts are perfect for anyone, plus they’re affordable! Will you be adding these to your list?


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