Snuggling Pups and Saving Lives: Hero Jayna Brunner


Donated by Jayna Brunner

Savannah Searcy, Social Media Editor

   “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question that many over five years old know all too well. As you grow and develop new styles and interests, the answer to this question typically changes; unless you are senior Jayna Brunner. Jayna has always wanted to become a veterinarian. “Although that’s a dream for most kids, I knew it was something that I really was interested in and wanted to pursue,” Jayna says.Throughout her life, Jayna has volunteered countless hours with animals, from releasing sea turtles into the ocean to caring for adoptable kittens.

   In August 2020, Jayna was given the chance to apply for an internship at a veterinary clinic and after volunteering for a few weeks, knew that this is where she wanted to be. “There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you‘re saving a life,” Jayna expresses. Jayna later got a job at the clinic, where one of her duties is to help draw blood. “I had no idea how I would react because I’m terrified of needles, but [it’s] my favorite part of the day,” Jayna says.

   Jayna’s least favorite part is dealing with sick puppies for long periods of time. It takes puppies sometimes weeks to recover, but when they do “it’s always a joyful moment.” Working at the clinic has pushed Jayna towards her goal of becoming a wildlife veterinarian. Jayna gets to see her future experiences first hand, with her surroundings reinforcing the belief that this is the job for her.