Charter’s New Adventure: the PawCast

Valerie Questell, Club Editor

   A new addition to Charters excellent student involved platforms has emerged featuring The Chat’s very own editors! Make no mistake this isn’t just one’s ordinary podcast, rather a Pawcast. Junior’s Gaby Carvajal and Marko Barrera take on a new experience and adventure through Charter while getting inside looks on Charter’s perspectives. 

   Gaby Carvajal, Pawcast producer and co-host, has considered this idea since her early Charter days as a freshman. Gaby has a strong aspiration for this new project and many goals are on the path to accomplishment. “I hope that with this platform we can service the student body in bringing an entertaining socialite that discusses the teenager behind the student with special guests pertaining to our Jaguar culture.” These expectations have sparked a larger mindset on the future aspects of this platform. As the producer and co-creator, Gaby is looking forward to what this platform will offer to charter students and how the producers can make it the best they can. “For the near future, I hope the Pawcast can serve to be a creative and captivating outlet for students to lean on for the latest and greatest of what Charter and the world around us offers.” and lastly, “In fact, we are anticipating  a number of special guests, so be sure to stay tuned!” contact [email protected] for further information and a chance to get an episode in the Pawcast!

   Marko Barrera, co-host, has many expectations. After the kickstart of the Pawcast in early September, everything came into play and now segments such as Hot Takes and the Up, Down Report have been firing up with excitement.  “I really enjoy talking and a podcast seemed like fun, so I was more than happy to be a part of it.” Marko uses the Pawcast as a way to unify the student body. Coproducing this project with Gaby in Mr. Fagan’s classroom, his excitement built daily as he walked into class. As the months went by, he began to realize and consider the objectives and future aspects the Pawcast has to offer. “I am excited to see what other guests we have and how else we can incorporate our fans.” This Pawcast has many opportunities for Charter students to voice their opinions and to get an overall perspective on charter. Soon, segments such as Meme Monday will be aired and new guests will be featured. Stay tuned!