PPCHS Seniors and their College Application


Photo by Jeinily Bencon

Sophia Lopez, Staff Writer

   When it comes to college applications, there are many mixed responses on how difficult it is, and how lengthy the process can be. It can stimulate different feelings amongst the student body, from stress to excitement to nervousness; yet it forms a crucial part of many high school experiences. Here’s what the PPCHS Seniors have to say regarding this topic: 

   “It was quite stressful. The school gave us a lot of tools we could use. What worked best for me was the guidance counselor walking us through the Common app.”  -Emily Esquivel, senior

   “I think it’s easy, you have everything you need. It’s really easy to submit everything because of our school guidance counselors. If you’re on top of everything it’ll go smoothly.” -Alexandra Dallera, senior

    “I think it’ll take a lot of effort. I haven’t applied yet, but if you have jobs and school to do, I feel like it’s a lot of stuff to take on. I personally believe that college applications are a lot of work but easy at the same time.” -Bryanna Weeks, senior

   “It was very stressful, a lot more time consuming than I thought it would’ve been. A lot of people are focusing on getting accepted at top schools, when they can be offered the same quality of education somewhere else. New doors will open, where you go to college will not define you. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get in.” -Alexis Galletta, senior

   “It was easy to do, I applied to FGCU, and I’m about to apply to FIU. I’m not stressed about it, I kinda already know what I’m going to do.” -Dylan Talbert, senior

   “I’m pretty sure it’ll be stressful, schools ask for different things: SAT scores, ACT scores and essays. You don’t know what they’re looking for and you’ll be anxious on whether you’ll be accepted or not.” -Vanessa Fonseca, senior

   “I feel like college applications are stressful for some people, people feel like they need to get it done as soon as possible. Right now, when they were doing it on the November 1st deadline, people were putting in low test scores just for the sake of putting it in. You should wait for the scores that you need so you can get to where you want to go.” -Sabia Remy, senior